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Traditional Skills Demonstrations!

by Jim Miller, of Willow Winds

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  After sharing the joys and knowledge of outdoor skills and crafts with family and friends, Jim Miller found growing numbers of people eager to learn from his experiences. Over the past several years he has become a highly sought after lecturer and instructor. His "how-to" demonstrations are featured regularly at special events around the country.

Click for larger version   Traditional skills presented include: birch bark canoes and handcarved paddles, birchbark baskets, buffalo hides, hand-woven natural fiber bags, cordage (string) made of plant fibers and tree bark, bone and stone tools, arrowheads, wooden bows, drums of buffalo rawhide, pine pitch glue, cups and bowls fashioned from clay using only fire as a kiln, fire with the bow drill and hand spindle (rubbing sticks together) and many other techniques for living in harmony with the earth. All of these are unique processes that awaken our awareness of the natural world in which we live.

  On site birch bark canoe construction demonstrations using a mobile building bed are also available. This is ideal for those situations/locations where it is desirable to move the demonstration indoors or through multiple locations.

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Demonstrations have been shared at:
- Alaska Center for the Environment - Alaska
- B.O.S.S. - Boulder Outdoor Survival School - Idaho
- MUCC Outdoorama - Novi, Michigan
- Lumberman's Monument - Oscoda, Michigan
- Macomb County Community College - Michigan
- YMCA Summer Camps - Oscoda & Holly, Michigan
- Dancing Leaf Earth Lodge - Nebraska
- Cranbrook Nature Center - Michigan
- Chippewa Nature Center - Michigan
- Midland Center for the Arts - Michigan

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TV Shows - appearances:
- Michigan Magazine
- Outdoor Magazine
- Michigan Out-of-Doors
- Channels 2, 4, 5, 7 & 11 News

School Programs:
- Deerfield Elementary - Rochester, Mi
- Cranbrook Schools K-12 - Bloomfield, Mi
- Bahweting School - Sault Ste. Marie, Mi
- Jesse Besser School - Alpena, Mi
- Ferris State University - Big Rapids, Mi
- E.L. Johnson Nature Center - Bloomfield, Mi
              (High School Science Lab)
      Many more upon request

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Magazine Articles:
- True North
- The Backwoodsman
- Wilderness Way
- Whispering Winds
- Woods 'n Water News
- Bulletin of Primitive Technology
- Muzzleloader Magazine

- Brain Tanned Buffalo Robes, Skins & Pelts
- Primitive Skills Coloring Book

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Authentic Wigwam & Village Construction:
- Citizen Potawatomi Nation Cultural Heritage Center
- American Indian Community Leadership Council
- U of M Matthai Ethno Botanical Trail
- Cranbrook Institute of Art & Science
- Chippewa Nature Center
- NBC Mini-series "A Will of Their Own"

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  Jim Miller's personal study of early American skills and wild edible plants assures you of an exciting and educational demonstration that will not be forgotten. Pre-school through College level programs are available and very successful. Our calendar of events fills quickly! Please call at your earliest convenience to schedule classes or a demonstration.

Demonstration fee - $500

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