10 things we love about the BMW M3 E92

The top of the range Bmw M3 has become the crown jewel of the 3 Series model lineup, a flexible and rugged vehicle that proves automotive perfection exists. Focused and yet superbly refined, the M3 has become a hero’s car, the vehicle that adorns posters and fulfills the lofty dreams of any car fan.

The BMW M3 is the supreme predator of the mid-size performance car market, a vehicle that has often been contested for its throne by the Mercedes-Benz C-Class AMG and Audi RS4, but never gives up any ground because it is the perfect all-rounder and a sublime four-wheeled weapon.

Standing out from its generational brethren for reasons we’ll soon get into and flexing a unique and well-defined set of muscles, here are 10 things we love about the BMW M3 E92.

This is the only M3 V8


The first M3 was a homologation special, a four-cylinder dream machine that has now grown to legendary status, hailed as the original and sometimes the best. Yet where subsequent cars that took on the M3 moniker relied on inline-six power, the E92 took a different path.


For the first and only time in the history of the badge, the M3 has a vigorous naturally aspirated V8 slipped under the hood. A muscular and aural delight, the M3 transformed into a real muscle car overnight.

It has impressive performance


Powered by a 4.0-liter V8 that generates 414 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque as standard, the E92 M3 gained around 80 hp and 25 lb-ft of torque over the model it replaced. while the red line was stretched from an awe-inspiring 8,000 rpm to an incredible 8,400 rpm.


With 104 hp per liter, the M3’s V8 would propel the car from standstill to 60 mph in breathtaking 4.6 seconds. It completed the quarter mile in 13 seconds flat, then luckily hit a top speed of 186 mph without the 155 mph limiter.

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Aggressive but subtle


Despite its swollen wheel arches, a proud hood bump, and four shiny tailpipes protruding from a deep rear apron, the E92 M3 doesn’t scream about its performance potential. The car is able to keep a low profile whenever necessary.


Beautifully shaped, the E90 carries a big stick but doesn’t feel the need to scream it. Parked alongside smaller models in the same 3 Series lineup, the differences are notable but subtle, it’s a sophisticated design that still stands today.

It’s Reliable And Modifiable


The E92 M3 V8 was based on the design of the goofy 5.0-liter V10 unit used to power the E60 M5, but despite this engine having potentially financially ruining issues, the V8 remains a piece. reliable and robust.


The E92 M3 has also proven to be a great base vehicle for creatives, those looking to upgrade the vehicle are spoiled for choice. Everything from a simple exhaust swap to a full body kit or even a supercharger kit is available for those who want their M3 to stand out from the crowd.

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Huge price / quality ratio


Originally seeing no change from $ 50,000, the E92 M3 depreciated to a much more affordable level, with clean base models with average mileage now trading hands for prices in the years. twenty or thirty.


Offering enormous value for money, an E92 M3 comes complete with its side vents with a plush leather interior, a built-in i-Drive infotainment suite, and a choice of shifting gearboxes.

Several cars in one


First offered, the E92 M3 could be optional with a folding hardtop, allowing for a morning on the race track and then, with the flip of a switch, an open-top cruise under sunny skies.

pick up 2

Heralded as an April Fool’s Day joke, the one-off pickup was created by the BMW M division workshop to replace the long-standing equally unique E30 M3 pickup, which had accumulated 26 years of solid service. and reliable. Still, he looks cool, and it’s certainly unique.

This is a real car M


BMW is renowned for always pushing the limits of its cars and over the years the base models have grown into faster, more economical and more manoeuvrable cars thanks to the developments made within its M series machines.


The E92 M3 Coupe used full carbon fiber roofs to not only reduce the vehicle’s curb weight but also significantly lower the car’s center of gravity. The result has been scalpel handling and a great talking point among BMW enthusiasts.

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There are limited edition models

BMW-M3-GTS - E92--4337_40-1

As with any good version of M3, BMW set out to release several very special limited editions in the wild. The GTS had a larger 4.4-liter engine, a 7-speed automatic transmission, more powerful 444 horsepower, and a top speed of 60 mph in 4.4 seconds.

silver badge

With just 40 American cars and 100 European cars, the M3 Frozen Silver Edition came with specialized paint, while the US-only Lime Rock Park Edition was only bright orange, had an M Sport titanium exhaust, and was limited to only 200 vehicles.

Destined to be a future classic


Not only was it the very first M3 to be fitted with a V8 engine, it was also the last M3 to be fitted with a naturally aspirated engine. These are two points that are sure to elevate the E92 to superstar status in the years to come, for collectors and fans alike.


As the world turns to hybrid and electric transmissions, it is highly unlikely that the BMW M3 will ever be equipped with an engine as unique and exciting as the 4.0-liter S65 V8 that served in the enigmatic E92. .

It will go from the supermarket to the racetrack with ease


Often referred to as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, the sedan version of the E92 M3 is more than capable of carrying the family in the morning, lighting the track at lunchtime, and then running to the store for the weekly errands before the having dinner.


However, all versions, whether it is a coupe, convertible, sedan or a track-oriented special edition, are finely honed driver cars, in which one can s ‘A lot of fun without having to sacrifice practicality or everyday reliability.

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