10 ugly outfits these wrestlers probably regret

Wrestling gear is a crucial part of the industry, which is a focal point for character presentation. The right outfit can instantly make someone look like a star, with audiences always remembering the fantastic outfits the talent has put together, but at the same time, the wrong outfit can have the opposite effect.

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Over the years there have been some really bad wrestling outfits. Some of them were forced due to the gadget they were placed in, like The Shockmaster or Retribution. However, others were simply reduced to the wrestler’s choice, making a bet that didn’t work.

Terry Funk – Chainsaw Charlie

Chainsaw Charlie exiting the ring

Terry Funk is an iconic name in the wrestling industry, and he’s always been someone fans take seriously. However, when he decided to change his gadget for Chainsaw Charlie, he changed his attire which was not good.

As he tried to make the character look creepy and off balance, having pantyhose on his head was something that never looked right. It was impossible to take seriously in this outfit, which was by far the worst of his career.

The loose rock shirt

Rock Mankind clotheslines

The Rock was normally fairly straightforward when it came to his in-ring outfit, which has worked well for him throughout his career. However, there was a period when he worked with a large loose t-shirt for his matches which was not good looking.

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This was done because he had had surgery at the time and he was hoping to cover that up. However, this was not the best method to achieve this goal as it just did not look good and did not suit his character.


Kassius Ohno’s NXT gear

Kassius Ohno

It was clear that WWE was trying to push off Kassius Ohno’s weight with his crown on his second stint with the company. However, the problem was, the crown looked terrible and didn’t scream a top-tier superstar.

This is something that never looked good no matter how many tweaks or changes he made to it. The fans have never accepted this style for him, and I hope that when he returns to the indie scene it will be with something new.

Damien Sandow as magneto

Damien Sandow as Magneto Cropped

At this part of Damien Sandow’s career, he dressed as a different character every week. It wasn’t a serious gimmick, but it was something that caused him to wear a silly outfit when he decided to dress like a X Men character, Magneto.

While this was done for comedic value, it sure didn’t look right. No matter how he tried to make this one appear, Sandow looked silly, which is never something you want when you’re a wrestler.

The Undertaker’s Snakeskin Pants

The Undertaker's Snakeskin Pants

When it comes to The Undertaker, we pretty much expect him to wear. Fans want to see black and dark purples or reds to push her character. For the most part, he did, and he always had a great crown.

However, in Survivor Series, 2000, he decided to turn away from it. He pulled out snakeskin pants, which ended up being a complete disaster. They didn’t look good at all, which is probably why they only made one appearance.

Shawn michaels brown gear

Shawn Michaels poses in Survivor Series, 2002

Brown is rarely a color used in professional wrestling gear, and the main reason is that it just doesn’t look good. It was clear in Survivor Series, 2002, when Shawn Michaels decided to choose this color for the series.

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While he was trying something different, which is always a good thing. However, the combination of browns and chains just didn’t create anything interesting here. Fans didn’t like the look and his outfit which ended up going down in history for being so bad.

Bret Hart Jeans

Bret vs. Vince

Bret Hart was in poor health when he faced Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 26, and no one expected to see him in his classic jersey. However, fans were a bit disappointed with the ring he decided to wear.

It lacked the classic pink and black that fans loved about the Hitman throughout his career. This was only shown through his t-shirt, with the jeans he was wearing not screaming a top wrestler, which made this ring he might regret.

Chad Gable Shorty G Gear

Shorty G makes his debut

Chad Gable is an incredible wrestler and it has always been shown in his work inside the ring. Normally his gear in the ring always looked fantastic, but when he decided to push the character Shorty G, it wasn’t.

The loose shorts looked awful, and the color scheme wasn’t particularly impressive either. The gear instantly made the character look like a character people shouldn’t care about and that’s exactly what happened.

Batista’s blue gear

Bluetista with Evolution

Batista’s original return to WWE was not a good run for him, with fans not taking matters into their own hands at all. However, one aspect of this race that he probably regrets is the all-blue crown he decided to wear. Considering he was working alongside Evolution, it would have been smarter for him to go up against each other and wear black like them.

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However, he chose to go all blue, which fans immediately laughed at him. Chants of “Bluetista” resonated in the arena and took place on social media and because of that, he probably regrets that decision.

Ron Simmons’ helmet

Ron Simmons was a highly respected professional wrestler who had an incredible career. However, WWE originally decided to dress him up as a gladiator with a ridiculous helmet that immediately made him stupid.

It was impossible to take him seriously and it kept him from being portrayed as the best WWE star he should have been from the start. It’s a shame WWE went in that direction, but it was the choice of the company, and there’s no doubt Ron regrets wearing it.

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