5 chic birthday girl outfit inspirations (see photos)

When it comes to choosing which projects to work on, Liv Tyler can be considered one of the smartest players in the industry. The Lord of the Rings The star has been a part of many big hits, and her fans know that if they see her onscreen, they’re going to have a blast. But while she’s excelled professionally, today on her birthday, we decided to take a look at her clothing choices. Liv Tyler will star in the Fox spin-off series ‘911: Lone Star’.

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The actress has a strong taste for fashion and it’s time we started praising her sartorial skills. From her red carpet arrivals to her casual looks, the actress is stepping out in style. Her appearances in fashion have always been in step with new and upcoming trends, and the actress knows how to kill any look like a boss. She’s a prolific dresser who has dominated the fashion space one outfit at a time. From her obvious choice to don Givenchy, to sometimes picking up avant-garde outfits from Stella McCartney, she always dresses to impress.

Her maternity wardrobe was also equally chic, filled with tons of sophisticated choices and a vibrant color palette. Her tall, athletic figure is the reason she is a perfect muse for any designer. It’s time to take note of what a diva she is and take a moment to recognize her wonderful styling abilities. Ad Astra movie review: Brad Pitt’s space movie leaves critics in awe of its visual appeal.

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To celebrate her 44th birthday, we’re taking a look at some of her stunning style statements from the past. Looked:

Rock that jumpsuit like a boss

All about flowers

love her in a costume

Maternity Wardrobe Goals

This look screams chic!

Tyler will always remain a fashion icon and we hope she will continue to treat her fans with such stunning looks all the time. Join us and wish the actress a very happy birthday!

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