66 ° North x Café Du Cycliste clothing for the “worst weather on Earth”

French premium cycling brand Café du Cycliste has teamed up with 66 ° North in Iceland to present a special collection of technical equipment. The new bike kit has been designed for Icelandic winter conditions.

The 66 ° North x Café Du Cycliste garments include a compressible GORE-TEX anorak, an aero fleece jacket and a lightweight insulating layer… “all designed for exceptional resilience”. The new product collaboration includes four key elements:

  • Skyli, a compressible anorak sweater in GORE-TEX INFINIUM;
  • Seigla, a breathable insulated jacket designed for cold weather activities;
  • Landmannalaugar, a contoured insulation in recycled fleece with distinctive prints; and
  • Landmannalaugar belt bag, a small versatile bag in recycled polyester.

“Spectacular trails and stunning nature make Iceland a cyclists’ paradise,” said Matthew Woolsey, Global President of 66 ° North. “But then there is time. When they met the Café du Cycliste on the plateau in Iceland, they saw the same great challenge as us. Our partnership developed from there.

Rémi Clermont, founder of Café du Cycliste said: “We are delighted to be associated with 66 ° Nord. Their expertise in designing clothing for extreme weather conditions is invaluable to us.

“We want to continue to map cycle routes and make them accessible and comfortable all over the world through our products. Riding a bike in the most extreme conditions is something that adds both fun and beauty to the whole experience.

Skyli is an anorak sweater in GORE-TEX INFINIUM. Windproof, water-resistant and highly breathable, this lightweight shell is designed to be compressible and resilient, making it an ideal layer for bikepackers (or those who don’t check the forecast). It has a compressible hood, side zipper and reflective details for added utility. Price: 400 USD / 350 € / 300 £; available in sizes XS-XL.

Seigla is an insulated, breathable zipper designed for cold weather activities. Cut to slip under a jacket or be worn on its own, this technical jacket features contrasting stretch panels for agility. Reflective details on the cuffs and rear hem ensure visibility. Four rear drop pockets provide ample space for gear. Price: 350 USD / 295 € / 250 £; available in sizes S-2XL.

Landmannalaugar is a close-fitting insulation made from recycled fleece. The highly breathable jacket features stretch panels, a zippered chest pocket and reflective details for added visibility. Its distinctive pattern is inspired by the landscape of an Icelandic nature reserve, from which the jacket also takes its name. Three “drop” pockets on the back keep essentials close at hand. Price: 300 USD / 250 € / 225 £; available in sizes S-2XL for men and S-XL for women.

Landmannalaugar belt bag is a versatile little bag made from recycled polyester. An adjustable strap allows wearers to customize the way it is worn, whether across the body, around the waist, or over one shoulder. Two zippered pockets (one large, one small) keep things organized inside. Price: 55 USD / 45 € / 40 £; unique size.


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