Adidas announces new shoe collection to help save water and energy

The famous sportswear company Adidas has presented a new “No-Dye Collection” of golf shoes with uppers made entirely in their natural color.

According to Adidas, this dye-free technology works with a material’s natural color to remove the water-consuming part of the process, which is the pre-treatment phase of conventional dyeing techniques. By using the material in its natural form, water and energy consumption is reduced. The company says this is another area where it is looking for ways to be more sustainable and help end plastic waste. This unique selection will be featured in the ZX PRIMEBLUE adicross shoes and the new ZG21 Motion shoes for men and women. Across its wide product line, the company says it “is always looking for ways to improve our impact on the environment, and that includes how we use water to dye materials. Natural-colored fabric requires a post-processing step to achieve the same performance, while achieving an average of 60% water and energy savings.

“We are continually evaluating ways to reduce our environmental impact when it comes to our products,” said Masun Denison, global director of footwear, Adidas Golf. “With this collection, we give golfers another reason, beyond style and performance, to feel good in the shoes they wear.

With the absence of dye in these shoes, Adidas hopes to give golfers a distinct look and style as they head to the course. All of the models included in the collection are also part of the company’s standard for using materials to further their mission of helping end plastic waste.

The No-Dye collection is available worldwide on, the Adidas app and at select retailers since Friday, August 20.

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