American Trench’s Original Equipment line is well-made retro sportswear


When it’s hot outside, the most common solution to the sweltering sun is shorts and short-sleeved shirts. But not all of these clothes are created equal. Just because I want to wear something breathable doesn’t mean I don’t care how it’s made, whether it stands up to constant wear or whether or not I have to worry about tearing or the deterioration of the article in the wash.

American Trench co-founder Jacob Hurwitz agrees. While his Philadelphia-based label has always provided plenty of high-quality options for spring and summer, his new line, Original Equipment, doubles down on construction, look and feel.

“Original Equipment (OE) is a new thought for us. It’s about past and present, sportswear and workwear. There’s a graphic element to it and the nostalgia of heavy shit. Normally I I would go on and on, but it’s not necessary,” he says. “The inspiration comes from the ring and the arena. The gear comes from Philadelphia, Detroit and Queens. Serious cities and small factories fighting each other. The clothes reflect that attitude.”

As a fan of iconic images from the last century, the collection evokes Muhammad Ali walking the streets of the city in a Champion costumeSteve McQueen hightailing on a motorcycle wearing a short sleeve sweatshirt or Rocky Balboa (aka Sylvester Stallone) climbing the stairs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Needless to say, the original equipment is retro well done.

In the first unisex collection, there’s a short-sleeved terrycloth sweatshirt in three colors, classic mesh shorts in five colors, track shorts in four colors, and lacrosse-style mesh shorts in four collegiate colorways. . Additionally, there is a canvas snapback covered with a script logo in two different shades, cream and burgundy.

Best of all, I’d say the entire collection was sewn here in the States: the short-sleeved sweatshirt and track shorts are from Detroit; both versions of the mesh shorts were made in Philadelphia; the snapback hails from Queens, New York. You can rest assured that this collection not only references the aesthetics of these cities, but also supports them.


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OE Terry Short Sleeve Sweatshirt


OE Classic Mesh Shorts


Original OE mesh shorts


OE Terry Sweatshirt shorts


Canvas cap with OE lettering

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