An American Classic: Get to Know Carhartt

Carhartt, a classic Detroit clothier, was established in 1889, when Hamilton Carhartt founded Hamilton Carhartt & Company. He first committed to doing overalls for railway workers. In 1910, its operation expanded south to South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, and California, and overseas to France, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In two decades he had made Carhartt the manufacturer of clothing of choice for industrial workers.

The company’s focus shifted to soldiers, however, during World War I. Carhartt was successful in making uniforms and other textiles for the U.S. military, but when the stock market crashed in 1929, the brand nearly shut down. World War II gave them another jolt, but it didn’t give the company the steady growth it needed to survive. And the brand chore coat and Trousers B01, launched in 1917 and 1939 respectively, were popular but not big enough to propel the brand forward on their own.

In 1954, Carhartt launched its Detroit Jacket, the basis of the workwear style as we know it. But still, the brand struggled. However, in the 1970s, orders for workers building the Alaska pipeline, and private label work for big box stores like Sears and JC Penney, contributed to Carhartt’s resurgence.

The Active Jac, Carhartt’s best-selling product today – although cap wins quickly – launched soon after. During the 1980s, Carhartt became an attractive option for all types of blue collar workers. Then, as work clothes slowly infiltrated fashion circles, celebrities, musicians and other performers, even models, began to wear Carhartt as well. Rappers galore separate corporate clothing from work context. Quality over durability has become the focus, even though they are essentially one and the same.

Today, with Carhartt WIP, the popularity of vintage workwear, and the collective expansion of our clothing, Carhartt is more popular than ever – for most of the reasons it’s been successful. Learn more about its mainstay products below.


Carhartt’s most popular product is this basic beanie

Available in an infinite range of colors, Carhartt’s Knit Cuff Beanie – aka the A18 watch cap – represents the quintessential accessory for a season and a half. As the fall picks up, it switches from sunny to sudden cold, and you pull on a beanie. It’s that simple. Some of you reading this may be wondering what else there is to know. Carhartt makes a cool beanie, I get it. Maybe you whispered something to yourself like this, “The cups are basically all the same, right?”


Clothing designed for Michigan winters: Carhartt’s Detroit jacket review

Carhartt’s classic Detroit jacket, which was first introduced in 1954 (in denim), is a staple on construction sites, in garages, on ranches and farms, as well as with the people at home. fashion. See: Kanye West, Jonah Hill, Ryan Gosling, Brooklyn Beckham, Daniel Day Lewis and Matthew McConaughey wearing one and countless brands – Fear of God, Ralph Lauren and many others – mimicking the style. The workwear basic looks like many other zip-up jackets, including the Dickies Eisenhower jacket and Ricky jackets from old and new brands. But, the Detroit Jacket has its own story – and a dedicated fan base like no other.


Convenient with the durable Carhartt B01 pants

Because Carhartt filed complaints about their uniforms directly with the railway workers, the B01 pants met their needs perfectly. Durable and protective, comfortable yet functional, the B01s has become the quintessential work pant, spanning multiple industries and a million jobs. Nowadays, however, with the trend of work clothes like never before, pedestrians also wear work pants. And not for extreme jobs but rather aesthetics.


You know Carhartt. What about Carhartt WIP?

The brand, the European sister of the American icon, makes Detroit jackets from durable 12 oz Dearborn canvas; heavy cotton double knee overalls and work pants as well. However, they also make graphic t-shirts, patterned Chuck Taylor’s, and ice cube trays with the “C” logo. Think of Carhartt WIP as Carhartt’s cool kid – the one responsible for keeping their parents up to date with today’s trends.


Carhartt vs Dickies: Which Double Knee Pants Should You Buy?

No brand quite dominates the work pants category like Carhartt and Dickies. Seen on everyone from construction workers and farmers to skateboarders and models, you are probably quite familiar with the logos of both. Not only are their products hard-wearing, the two brands sit between work and streetwear, creating a large network of supporters on opposite ends of the style spectrum.


Why the Carhartt Detroit jacket is a classic

The workwear pantheon is divided between brands like Levi’s, Dickies and Ben Davis, spanning centuries of heritage. Among them is Carhartt, who claims 130 years of tough clothing. The brand started in 1889 and has produced its share of enduring icons throughout the last century. While many know Carhartt for his chore coat, painter’s pants and hoodies, the Detroit jacket is quietly popular and stands out as one of the brand’s classics.


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