Announcement of the winners of the Africa Tech Week Awards 2021

The Africa Tech Week Awards also recognize and reward companies on the continent that have demonstrated excellence in the field of innovative product development.

The opportunity for the African continent

The African continent has a creative advantage in that it is not burdened with legacies that could be problematic in other parts of the world. African countries and organizations have the capacity to develop and build from scratch, which enables them to be the first to adopt disruptive technologies.

“As a unified entity, we hold the key to unlocking Africa’s potential,” said Ralf Fletcher, CEO of Topco Media. “As the next big growth market, it is essential that multinationals partner with Africa for several valid reasons. One thing is clear: the events of the past year have impacted technology as much as every other aspect of our lives. Ten years from now, we will be able to tell the great story of how the digital transformation happened and was catalyzed.
Africa’s ingenuity and perseverance are alive and well. However, if we are to keep our economies afloat, we must be responsible in our daily interactions with consumers.

Watch the awards ceremony here.


Africa Tech: Digital Transformation Award
Code Blue Africa

Africa Tech: Technology Company of the Year Award
Global Voice Group

Africa Tech: Women in Tech Award
Jacqueline Aylett, Flexiroam Africa

Technological innovation of the year award
Sage South Africa

Best tech start-up of the year award

Africa Tech: Leader of the year award in AI
Michael Grant, DataProphet Operations

Africa Tech: CEO of the Year Award
Andrew Watkins-Ball, Jumo

Africa Tech: Security Technology Company Award
Take note of IT

Africa Tech: AI Technology Award
Policy decisions

Africa Tech: Leader of the year award
Zowa Gift, Broadband Infraco

Africa Tech: Fintech Award
Spark ATM Systems

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