Applied DNA and stratum reservoir (Isotech) to take advantage of isotope analysis for cotton authenticity

Applied DNA Sciences works with Stratum Reservoir (Isotech) to study and confirm cotton genotypes to improve cotton traceability. Image: Applied DNA Sciences

Applied DNA Sciences, the manufacturer of DNA based on the polymerase chain reaction, and Stratum tank (Isotech) announced that they have entered into a memorandum of understanding in which Applied DNA will use Isotech’s isotope analysis (IA) to confirm cotton genotypes.

The signing of the MoU follows a joint presentation of the data by the two companies during a American Apparel and Footwear Association event which described the method and results for the successful determination of Egyptian cotton lint and yarn using cotton genomics with AI assertion. The combination of AI and Applied DNA’s CertainT platform shows data continuity across the entire cotton supply chain, from source to finished products. The CertainT platform allows raw materials and products to be labeled with a molecular identifier that can be tracked throughout a global supply chain and used in various industries including textiles, leather, fertilizers and pharmaceutical products.

The two companies will continue to support business development opportunities for cotton traceability and to build a global database of cotton, yarn and fabric samples from known sources to expand the application of AI. .

“Stable isotope analysis is a powerful tool that we have historically used in the oil and gas industry,” said Steven Pelphrey, director of Stratum Reservoir (Isotech). “Thanks to our collaboration with Applied DNA, we can now apply our proven technology and techniques more widely to the textile industry. This both enhances Applied DNA’s CertainT platform with an additional layer of geographic provenance and provides a solution unmatched in the market.

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