Bibb County firefighters will receive new uniforms

The new navy blue uniforms are designed to be worn under firefighter gear.

MACON, Ga. — New uniforms are in the works for Macon-Bibb firefighters. The county commission on Tuesday approved $205,586 to fund the purchase.

It’s camaraderie that keeps Captain Gregory Beni going. He started with the Macon-Bibb Fire Department in 2003 and runs the point on the ladder truck.

“There’s a lot of heart in it, and it’s not just me, it’s those guys. Everyone,” Beni said.

Over its almost 20 years, one thing has remained the same: the uniforms.

“Macon-Bibb has the nicest uniforms in what I consider to be the state. We hear that often,” Fire Chief Shane Edwards said.

These iconic uniforms will soon change, Edwards says. The new ones will be navy blue and made of fire-resistant material. They are designed to be worn under fire protection equipment. This saves precious seconds when firefighters need to quickly respond to a call.

“Work uniforms are uniforms made from an NFPA-compliant Nomexes blend that helps protect our firefighters when wearing their turnout gear,” Edwards said.

Edwards says the next step is to equip all county firefighters.

“From what I’m told, the inventory is there, so I’d say in 30 days we should start seeing some of the new uniforms returned,” Edwards said.

Captain Beni looks forward to the day these uniforms arrive as safety is his first priority.

“I like the idea of ​​getting the new uniforms. You know, one, it puts us under the regulations that we’re supposed to follow, and two, it’s safer. We can stay longer in a hot environment.” , Beni said. noted.

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