BJP clothing is not Indian, ideals inspired by Hitler, Mussolini, says Baghel

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said on Sunday that dictators Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini are the “ideals” of the BJP whose ideology is “imported” and based on the spread of false propaganda.

In an apparent attack on RSS, the ideological mentor of the BJP, the congressional leader said: “You can see their culture. They wear black hats and shorts and play the drums. These are not Indian costumes. They take inspiration from the same (Hitler and Mussolini) and operate accordingly.

Baghel was speaking to reporters at Swami Vivekanand Airport in Raipur after returning from Jaipur where he attended a congressional rally.

When asked if Rahul Gandhi had established a new Hindu narrative against Hindutvavadi, Baghel said, “BJP ideology is imported. Congress drew its ideology from the tradition of the munis (wise) rishi. Whether it was Shankaracharya, Gautam Buddha, Guru Nanak Dev, Kabir or Guru Ghasidas, all of our munis rishi have spoken the truth. The same was written by Mahatma Gandhi in his autobiography – ‘My experiences with the truth’ ”.

He alleged that the founding of the BJP is based on lies and fraud and therefore its ideals are Hitler and Mussolini.

“Repeat a lie a hundred times and it becomes the truth. In the same way, they (BJP) went about deceiving and deceiving the whole country. You must remember that a few years ago, Lord Ganesh ji’s (idols ) began to drink milk (offered by their devotees) all over the country.

“Likewise, if hydroelectric power is generated by water (in motion) the water will lose its energy and if it is supplied to farms (for irrigation) then this water will be useless. These are the people who spread such false propaganda. Added the CM.

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