Bladerunner offers market-leading bite-resistant workwear

For people working in the mental health care and special educational needs sector, bite protective clothing can be very useful and sometimes a necessity. However, to be able to stay protected, you need clothes that have been designed and tested by a real leading manufacturer. Bladerunner is a leading retailer of bite, scratch, pinch and abrasion resistant apparel and is at the forefront of providing world class protective workwear.

blade runner offers a wide range of bite resistant clothing, from protective hoodies to bite resistant t-shirts. As well as being bite resistant, their line of clothing also offers cut resistance which makes them all the more reliable. The Bladerunner clothing line is specially designed to deal with difficult behaviors. All of their products have been meticulously checked and tested for strength and effectiveness, ensuring the highest levels of protection are achieved to reduce the risk of injury.

Through extensive testing, their line of bite resistant garments are proven to provide protection against rips, punctures, circular blade cuts, abrasions, impacts and more. Plus, they help protect against bites, scratches, and pinches. With a multitude of different options available, from bite resistant sleeves to hoodies, t-shirts, scarves, gloves and more, there is no doubt that users will be able to find the right workwear for their needs on the Bladerunner online store.

In addition to this variety and quality, their bite resistant workwear is available at a competitive price. So customers probably won’t have to worry about overspending. Delivery is also fast as they offer next working day delivery within the UK. As a result, they are becoming one of the main considerations for anyone needing bite resistant workwear.

About Bladerunner

Bladerunner are suppliers of cut resistant and bite resistant Bladerunner clothing. Their cut resistant products are designed to provide an extra layer of personal protection to the wearer.

Bladerunner clothing is designed to be comfortable to wear and fashionable, while providing the maximum protection against knives, bites and scratches available without making the clothing too bulky. It is made with a layer of Kevlar (or in some cases Spectra or Dyneema) sewn into the lining of the garment.

At Bladerunner they ensure that all of their anti-slash wearable products are tested by an established and approved UK testing house and if required they are happy to send customers copies of official test results. For more information:

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