CASEY: Russian Band To Perform Chicago Tunes At Roanoke Festival | Local News

Instead, they replaced the discarded x-ray films the group members rescued from Russian hospital trash cans, which were then hand-cut into a circular shape before being squeezed. (I don’t know if that’s true, but that’s the story Wheeler told me.)

Leonid & Friends is run by Leonid’s son, Roman Vorobyev. According to their US agent, Gil Jacobs, they toured the US three times in 2019. Brown said he almost inked them to perform at the Festival in the Park in 2020. But COVID canceled both their tour and the festival that year.

“Chicago, Tampa, Dallas, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, [Washington, D.C.], Milwaukee all have great fan bases ”for Leonid & Friends, Jacobs told me. The group was supposed to start their 2021 tour in July, but have been blocked by COVID travel restrictions. They landed in the United States earlier this week.

The September 4 show here is the third show on their tour delayed in 2021, and it’s one of dozens the group is planning to hit the United States by December.

The tour opens Monday evening [Aug. 30] with a sold-out show in Alexandria at the venerable Birchmere. Thursday [Sept. 2] Leonid & Friends will be performing at the Beacon Theater in Hopewell, south of Richmond. Wheeler also has a ticket for this concert.

Other dates across the country include Atlanta, Georgia; Orlando and Clearwater, Florida; Saint-Charles, Illinois; Northampton, Lowell and Plymouth, Massachusetts; New York City; and concerts in Connecticut, Missouri, Wisconsin; Colorado; Idaho; Arizona, Washington State and a bunch of shows in California.

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