Clothing lines focused on fun after quarantine-inspired comfort clothing highlight the value of a reliable fabric supplier, according to Search for Fabric Inc.


LOS ANGELES, December 18, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – A 20 october item on Daily Mail reports on the latest fall fashion trends in the UK. Emphasizing on nice and fun designs, today’s trend known as “revenge dress-up” – which refers to stuck-at-home ensembles inspired by last year’s 40s – uses bright colors, sequins and prints expressing a good mood. Los AngelesFabric wholesaler Search for Fabric Inc. claims that the drastic shift in pajama and athletic clothing lines around the same time last year to more casual and whimsical collections makes having a reliable source of fabric more valuable than ever, especially since more trends are always just a few months away.

Search for Fabric says that most retailers and designers plan their collections well in advance, which means they need constant access to specific fabric types throughout the year, even fabrics that tend to be worn only seasonally. However, Search for Fabric notes that just as some of these trends tend to be predictable, such as comfortable fleece fabrics for cold-weather sweaters, others may pop up out of the blue. This only proves that having a reliable fabric supplier is essential to stay relevant in the fashion game, adds the fabric wholesaler.

Search for Fabric notes that in addition to having access to a full range of materials in different colors and prints, the ordering process should also be easy to use and convenient. Delays, incorrect orders or inaccurate ads can prove catastrophic for a brand trying to launch next season’s collection.

The wholesaler cites online ordering problems as an example: many low-end suppliers fail to properly keep their online catalogs up to date, causing all kinds of problems every time an order is placed. Search for Fabric reports that the best wholesalers use real-time inventory management systems, which keep an accurate count of all of their fabrics in terms of what is currently available as well as what should be in stock in the future. Search for Fabric says this system streamlines the ordering process because brands know exactly what’s available when they order, so there’s little risk of an incomplete order being delivered. Above all, Search for Fabric claims that the success of brands is linked to the reliability of their supplier.

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