Cross-country running clothing trends for this fall semester!

School is back, which means cross-country teams around the world need to pack their gear and be ready to go!

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Hilliard, Ohio—(Release Wire) – 08/23/2022 – August is finally here, which means schools across the country will be returning for their fall semesters. While there are many fall sports that are stepping up their workouts for the coming seasons, cross country is a great youth sport that has grown tremendously in popularity in recent years.

Many young children love running because it’s a great sport for keeping fit and building healthy lifestyle habits, and ARES Sportswear is a bespoke clothing company that specializes in Cross Country T-shirts and Warm-ups for countless schools across America.

Below are some running clothing trends from ARES experts that coaches and school administrators should keep in mind for this fall semester:

Advances in moisture-wicking style

Moisture-wicking technology has been a mainstay of cross-country teams for several years now, but in 2022, racewear companies are making these shirts and shorts much more comfortable and stylish. Cross-country clothing is no longer just functional, because now running athletes will also look their best when sweating profusely towards the finish line!

The same goes for cross-country warm-ups, as sports and leisure wear continues to be popular across the country. Cross-country athletes need clothing to warm up before big races and training sessions, and today these options are becoming increasingly fashionable for fitness enthusiasts.

Cross country tops continue to revolutionize the sport

From t-shirts to jerseys, cross-country teams are looking for a stylish edge this fall. But cross-country tops also apply to what’s under training and competition shirts, because female runners need functional bras for proper support during long runs.

These days, custom bras and crop tops are becoming the go-to options for female cross-country athletes!

Cross country shorts keep athletes prepared for any weather

Casual sportswear continues to reign as the most popular style among high school and youth athletes, and cross-country shorts see this trend come to fruition in 2022.

Everyone knows that cross country shorts are supposed to give runners a full range of motion without any hindrances. This style is crucial because cross-country runners need to maintain a steady stride at all times, and no runner wants their shorts getting in the way of their pace!

But what is happening today is that casual daywear is mixing with sportswear, so cross-country athletes are now wearing running shorts during their daily routines. As runners wear their running shorts more frequently, these shorts are now better prepared for cool and warm temperatures.

Cross-country gear now comes in plus sizes

Cross-country has always been a youth sport to help kids get in shape. This is why cross-country clothing has become more and more suitable for tall athletes.

In the past, it was difficult for plus-size riders to even get a cross-country jersey that would fit them properly, but now those barriers are being broken down. Now, in 2022, men and women of all sizes will have plenty of options to choose from for their next big cross-country competitions!

Continuous fusion of technology and garment science

Sportswear brands are constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to combining sports science with fabric technology, and this fall many brands are going even further to develop socks, hats, shirts, shorts, warm-ups and even hoodies to better accommodate cross-country athletes.

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ARES Sportswear is a custom sportswear company based in Hilliard, Ohio. They have supported countless athletic programs across America over the past 30 years, and they specialize in supporting cross-country programs at the middle school, high school, and college levels.

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