Cultural Marxism identifies with transgender


Parents filled out the December 15 school board meeting in Salinas, Calif., Following the revelation that two middle school teachers were leading students into gender confusion and an LGBTQ + support club, also known as name of alliances between gender and sexuality, or GSA, clubs, without parents’ knowledge. A mother testified that the teacher gave her daughter a boy’s name without the mother’s knowledge. Then, when she met the teacher to protest, the school called Child Protective Services.

The same two teachers hosted a workshop in October titled “How We Run a ‘GSA’ in Conservative Communities? This example illustrates several tactics of Cultural Marxism discussed in my January 2021 article, “It’s Not Just ‘Gender Dysphoria.’ It is now “Quick Start Marxism”.

Hundreds of parents have written to me about their school and college age children, suddenly announcing trans identities. As a man who has identified as a woman for eight years, I know trans identities intimately. Getting children to follow this path is child abuse.

Transgender indoctrination begins young. Cross-claiming curricula and storybooks confuse children with gender (aka, “grooming”) as early as kindergarten by pushing the misconception that children can choose their gender. Many school policies require helping and encouraging children who think they may be of the opposite sex.

As seen in the example of Salinas, California, many teachers’ associations, teachers, and school boards are all included. Volunteer counselors quickly diagnose young people with ‘gender dysphoria’ and set them off (push) down the disastrous path of erasing their identity.

The so-called “treatments” that gender professionals recommend for children are hideous and barbaric: disrupting the adolescent’s normal development with puberty-blocking drugs, injecting anabolic steroids (cross-sex hormones) and finally, plugging parts. healthy body – genital ablation for boys and mastectomies for girls. Most of the damage is irreversible and all of it is unnecessary.

It is vital to defend parental rights, challenge indoctrination in schools and protect children. We will see examples of courageous people saying “enough”, fighting back and winning. But first, a look at how activists for transgender identity employ cultural Marxist strategies.

Marxist goals: devalue, dehumanize and destroy

Marxist cultural goals are to devalue, dehumanize and destroy. The trans ideology advances these goals in several ways:

Devalue women—Suggesting men to become women with a verbal statement, “I feel like a woman,” belittles the intrinsic and exquisite differences between men and women. Honoring men who “identify as women” with prominent female designations, such as “First Female Four Star Admiral,” devalues ​​women and their accomplishments.

Devalue precious children– Asserting that children are of the opposite sex devalues ​​who they really are. Telling a child that he must adopt a “new identity” in the opposite sex sends the message that something is wrong with his innate identity, that it is so terrible that it must be eradicated.

Dehumanize, punish, silence– The waking mob dehumanizes and viciously attacks those who break the ever-changing rules, and demands severe punishment to ruin the violators. Questioning that men can become women or that men can give birth, for example, sets off the crowd and name calling ensues. Parents who stand up for their children are called “national terrorists”. Women who defend women’s spaces are demeaned as “TERF”, a pejorative term meaning “radical trans-exclusionist feminists”.

Destroy parental rights and student safety—Schools and school boards keep information from parents, such as allowing children to use different names and pronouns, wear different clothes, and use the bathroom of the opposite sex without alerting their parents. In Louden County, Va., A man who identified as a woman assaulted a student and the school district covered it up.

Destroy female sportMen who identify as women compete in women’s athletics and, due to their superior strength, unfairly steal opportunities that rightfully belong to women.

Introduce yourself and express yourself

Many speak out against tactics of devaluation, dehumanization and destruction.

Former USA Swimming official Cynthia Millen resigned in protest against a biological swimmer who dominated women’s competition and boldly asserted the simple biological truth: “Bodies swim against bodies. Gender identities do not swim. [He] is a man who swims against women. Teammates have complained privately to the coach. The parents wrote a letter urging the National Collegiate Athletic Association to change its rules on trans athletes.

In Louden County, Va., Parents banded together and filed Freedom of Information requests to find out what the school board did to cover up the student’s assault. Parents across the country are showing up at school board meetings to hold schools to account.

Celebrities too get hot. JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, pointed out the Orwellian absurdity of incarcerating a sex offender with intact male genitals in a women’s prison simply because he identifies as a woman. For this, she said in a recent article on Twitter, “I have now received so many death threats that I could line the house with them, and I haven’t stopped talking. “

Marxist tactics disguised as transgender politics are a cancer that infects our entire culture, with schoolchildren as the main targets. Thank goodness worried parents and celebrities are speaking out about the damage.

Well done to the brave souls ready to go against the crowd. Their selfless example is an inspiration to all and deserves to be emulated. Every voice counts.


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