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If gamers have ever wanted to live in Disneyland or Disney World and befriend beloved Disney characters, Disney Magical World 2: Enchanted Edition offers such an experience. Similar to Animal crossing, Disney Magical World 2: Enchanted Edition sees players move to a new town, Castleton, right next to Mickey Mouse, and will gather, fish, and craft furniture and clothing to make the town their own. Along the way, they will meet their favorite characters, collect stickers that can be used to unlock different areas, and do their new friends a favor.

Disney Magic World 2 is, at its core, a simulation of life. Players will explore six Disney-themed worlds through portals, including the world of Disney Frozen, the Hundred Acre Wood with Pooh and his friends, and Hawaii with Lilo and Stitch. As well as spending time with the characters, they can shop for gear, furniture, and clothing at Scrooge McDuck’s department store, run by Huey, Dewey, and Louie. They can also collect materials from around the world and fishing and craft furniture at Chip and Dale’s Workshop or Daisy’s Shop. They will receive a job from the king to run a cafe in town where they can set the menu, throw parties with their Disney character friends, and earn extra coins to purchase new items. They can also dive deep into the castle vaults for an exploration of the dungeon to earn rewards, participate in parades, participate in dance performances, and watch fireworks.


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There are a lot of good ideas in Disney Magic World 2, from the player character learning to wield the magic of legendary wizard Yen Sid so he can traverse dungeons and complete quests for residents, to the sticker system that creates guided, but not mandatory, progression to new worlds . Living, working, and making friends in a large-scale crossover world similar to Disney parks could be incredibly fun for Disney fans of all ages. Unfortunately, these ideas never result in anything particularly new or innovative. The dungeons and quests are repetitive, the combat is simple but unwieldy, and the sticker system becomes more of a nuisance that pulls players out of the immersion just as they start to get involved in the gameplay. Disney Magic World 2 is clearly aimed at young gamers, and while it tries to bring in a bit of Disney magic as an introduction to the life simulation genre and the game in general, it needed a bit more finishing to be really great. .

Entrance to Disney Magical World 2 Castleton

Although players can technically go anywhere they want in Disney Magic World 2 (after completing an extremely long tutorial) they have a very limited number of choices for a life simulation. They will need to have earned a certain number of stickers by completing activities in the city to unlock new areas. There are defined recipes that players can use to craft furniture and clothing, usually related to a Disney character theme, and the game lacks the design tool options of other life simulations that allow for more. greater freedom and greater personalization. The gameplay seems stretched out by the presence of simplistic recovery quests, totally too many loading screens, and weird and lengthy zooms or intro cutscenes to allow screenshots to be taken of quest items or new ones. characters.

Multiple technical problems persist Disney Magic World 2 back significantly. All of the characters in the game have incredibly staid and choppy animations, coupled with blind stares which can be extremely unsettling. Random city NPCs never move or feel alive like they do in other life sims and only act when the player character approaches and interacts with them. For a game that has over 100 characters and plenty of other Nintendo Mii-style NPCs, the world feels very empty and liminal. Additionally, players are routinely taken to taking screenshots throughout the game, but a pop-up appears after each frame taken, preventing them from getting multiple shots in a row of cutscenes where the angles change rapidly. and where good catches can come and go too quickly to Capture.

Disney Magical World 2 Gathering with Goofy

Disney characters in Disney Magic World 2 are only partially voiced, and while they seem fairly faithful to the character at first, some repeated catchphrases for each line of dialogue don’t necessarily sound like the character and can break the immersion. The soundtrack is also incredibly repetitive to the point that it was both visible and obnoxious enough to warrant completely muting the game.

Disney Magic World 2 is a great crossover idea that basically understands the childish wonder of visiting Disney parks, but probably needed a bit more time to develop. There are elements of several game genres present in the various minigames around Castleton, from action RPG fights and roguelike dungeons to rhythm games, sports games and farming sims, and, although that does mean that it is. there is probably something for everyone to enjoy, it creates a somewhat disjointed experience. Although Disney Magical World 2: Enchanted Edition is clearly a game aimed at a younger audience, it could still have used more polish; after all, Animal crossing, for example, is also aimed at gamers of all ages, and it implements many of the same ideas with much more sophistication. For what it is, Disney Magic World 2 is a good introduction to the game for kids, but it could have been a lot more.

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Disney Magical World 2: Enchanted Edition is available for Nintendo Switch. A code has been provided to Screen Rant for the purpose of this review.

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