DL1961 partners with Recover for joint sustainability initiative

Denim brand DL1961 has teamed up to create the world’s first high performance circular jeans. The new five-piece capsule collection features best-selling DL1961 silhouettes made with Recover fibers. Image: DL1961

New York-based denim company DL1961 has partnered with Recover in a joint sustainability initiative to create the world’s first high-performance circular jean.

Recover is a materials science company that transforms textile waste into sustainable recycled fibers. Post-consumer waste fibers are often associated with compromised quality, but Recover beats equivalent fibers and cottons in five impact categories.

The new capsule collection builds on DL1961’s work towards a more sustainable manufacturing process. Each pair of DL1961 jeans is monitored by Jeanologia’s environmental impact measurement software. Thanks to the partnership with Recover, DL1961 is also home to one of the largest textile recycling plants in the world.

Candice Swanepoel, model, philanthropist and founder of eco-lifestyle brand Tropic of C, stars in the campaign for the new collection of best-selling DL1961 silhouettes made with Recover fibers.

“As CEO and founder of her own fashion brand, Candice understands the importance of sustainable fashion. Her passion for the planet and her ability to make a difference make her the perfect partner for this collection,” says Sarah Ahmed, co-founder and creative director of DL1961.

According to Recover, one million pairs of jeans made from Recover denim save enough water, equivalent to the size of about 530 Olympic swimming pools, and save energy equal to the annual consumption of water. electricity for approximately 1,600 people.

DL1961 recovery styles are available at dl1961.com in sizes 23-34. Collection prices range from $199 to $209.

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