Final Fantasy VII the First Soldier Advent children’s costumes now available

Square Enix has announcement New Final Fantasy VII The First Advent Children Soldier costumes are now available, allowing players to dress like classic characters from the movie.

the Final Fantasy VII The First Advent Children Soldier The costumes are available until January 20, 2022 and can only be obtained through the Premium Shinra Pack tab in the game.

The costumes will allow players to capture the look of Cloud, Tifa and Barret as they appeared in the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Animation Film.

In order for players to get the Premium Outfits, they will need to use 300 Shinra Credits or 5 Premium Shinra Tickets and ride on the Limited Time Banner, or separately as a Guaranteed Paid Outfit Pack. You can buy Shinra Credits or Shinra Tickets with real money.

You can find a preview of the game below:

FINAL FANTASY VII as you’ve never seen it before! Fight in matches of up to 75 players in this action game that merges elements of RPG and battle royale.


  • Fight Using a Combination of Melee, Magic, and Firearms – Use all the options at your disposal to overwhelm your enemies in a wide variety of strategic battles.
  • Upgrade and Upgrade Your Arsenal During Battle – Fight monsters on the battlefield to gain experience points, boost your skills, and increase your max HP. Use gil you collect to upgrade your gear and buy items.
  • Choose from varied styles, each with different strengths – Will you be a warrior and fight the enemy with powerful melee attacks? Or do you prefer the ability to cast augmented spells as a wizard? Maybe sneaking in and out of combat as a Ninja suits you better? Choose from these styles and more before each battle to determine your playstyle!
  • Visit and play iconic locations from FFVII – Seventh Heaven, Corneo’s Mansion, Train Graveyard, and even a familiar house surrounded by flowers are just a few of the iconic locations you can visit on every expansive map.
  • Fully Customize Your Character – Choose a look that matches your unique personality with a wide variety of costumes, emoticons and more.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier was recently released for iOS (via the App Store) and Android (via Google Play).

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