Footwear exports jump 17.92% in 19 months – Breaking News – The Nation

ISLAMABAD – Footwear exports saw an increase of 17.92% in the first nine months of the financial year (2021-22) compared to exports in the corresponding period last year. Pakistan exported shoes worth $116.686 million in July-March (2021-22) against exports of $98.950 million in July-March (2020-21), showing a growth of 17.92% , according to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS). In terms of quantity, footwear exports also increased by 8.37 percent from 12,816 thousand pairs to 13,889 thousand pairs, according to the data. Among footwear products, exports of leather footwear increased by 13.29% from $81.889 million last year to $92.775 million in the current year. The country’s canvas shoes exports amounted to $0.734 million in the current year compared to $0.397 million in the last year, showing an increase of 84.88%.

Similarly, exports of all other footwear items increased by 39.08% during the reporting period, from $16.664 million last year to $23.177 million in the current fiscal year.

Meanwhile, year-on-year footwear exports increased by 18.80% during the month of March 2022 compared to the same month last year.

Footwear exports in March 2022 were recorded at $12.949 million against an export of $10.900 million in March 2021.

During the period under review, exports of leather and other footwear also increased by 17.08 and 30.18 percent respectively.

In addition, canvas footwear exports decreased by 88.81%.

On a monthly basis, footwear exports, however, fell 29.35% in March 2022 compared to exports of $18.328 million in February 2022, PBS data showed.

On a monthly basis, exports of leather and canvas footwear fell by 33.94 and 95.32 percent respectively, while exports of other footwear also fell by 3.99 percent.

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