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Dutch denim brand G-Star Raw is trying to keep pairs of jeans in rotation for longer with a pilot program called G-Star Raw Certified Tailors.

After selecting six tailors in the Netherlands and training them in the most common jeans repair requests, G-Star awarded them a “certification” indicating their expertise in G-Star raw denim. The program allows customers to repair their jeans for free in select locations, with G-Star covering the bill for the services.

Although launched exclusively in the Netherlands, the program will likely expand to other countries after its one-year trial period. The brand will measure success by looking at the number of repairs as well as customer and tailor-made feedback before deciding on its expansion plan. Customers can find each of the certified locations both on G-Star’s website and on its social media channels.

Repair services are only part of the sustainable journey for consumers. Buying high quality, sustainably made denim is another. G-Star is known for its circular practices and was the first in the world to market C2C Certified Gold denim fabric in February 2018 under the name Kir Denim Organic. She has since developed an extensive library of Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certified denim fabrics, most recently with C2C Certified Gold Melfort Denim O, a lightweight fabric made from 100% organic cotton.

Considering everything that goes into creating a new pair of jeans, from the water needed to grow the cotton to the energy needed to produce the garment, and everything in between, extending their life cycle is l one of the easiest ways to respect the environment. But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. A recent report from online retailer Zalando shows that many consumers say one thing and do another when it comes to sustainability: While 58% of people consider it important to repair their clothes, only 23% regularly repair their clothes. clothes.

Other brands have championed denim repairs to extend the life cycle of jeans and promote circularity. Perhaps the best-known brand for repair services, Nudie Jeans promises customers “free repairs forever” on its products, no matter when and where they were purchased. The brand had a total of 43 repair points in 2020, and plans to add 50 more in own stores, partner stores or repair partners in the coming years. At these centers, jeans can be repaired, resold as used items, or donated to the Nudie Jeans recycling program.

Canadian denim and performance clothing brand Duer is also offering free repairs on their jeans at the brand’s newest brick and mortar location. Customers can receive free repairs for one year after purchase. Levi’s has also joined the mix by offering repair services in its in-store tailoring shops. Customers are encouraged to extend the life of their jeans by having its expert tailors cover rips with unique patches, repair hems and replace buttons.

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