Get rich with these cutting-edge stocks in 2022

by Satavisa Pati

January 11, 2022

Technological advancements have brought a lot of transformations in many industries. Everyone knows how much technological development influences the stock market. Adapt to technological developments, raise awareness and help them use their time efficiently. Technology adds immense possibilities for a successful future. People are more and more inclined to use advanced technologies as the world turns into a technological hub. This increases investor interest in investing in and profiting from stocks. Here are the top tech stocks that can be bought today, January 7, 2022.

Working day

Current price: $ 299.84

Market capitalization: US $ 74.36 billion

Workday, Inc. is an on-demand financial management and human capital management software company based in the United States. The company includes solutions for planning, finance, human resources and expense management. The company is ranked 238th in the list of top tech stocks.

Matterport, Inc.

Current price: $ 19.55

Market capitalization: US $ 4.73 billion

Matterport is known as a spatial data company that focuses on digitizing and indexing the built world while offering the Matteport digital twins, a 3D data platform for designing and understanding spaces. There are different products and services such as Matterport Capture, Matterport Workshop, Matterport Showcase and Matterport VR with 3D cameras, and many other immersive experiences.

Stitch Fix Inc.

Current price: $ 41.01

Market capitalization: 4.393 billion US dollars

In the US and UK, Stitch Fix is ​​an online personal styling service. It personalizes clothing products based on size, budget, and style using recommendation algorithms and data analytics. In 2011 the company was established. The company’s headquarters are located in San Francisco, California.

Micronic Technology

Current price: $ 70.70

Market capitalization: US $ 79.086 billion

Micron Technology is an Idaho-based company that manufactures memory and data storage products for electronic devices. It offers a wide range of products for use in computers, smartphones and other devices. Their Micro SSDs are the cheapest large capacity models in the world.

Exela Technologies, Inc.

Current Price: $ 2.14

Market capitalization: US $ 308.25 million

Exela Technologies, Inc. is a well-known Texas-based technology company providing solutions for transaction processing, enterprise information management, document management and digital business process services around the world. It operates in three segments known as Information and Transaction Processing Solutions (ITPS), Healthcare Solutions (HS), and Legal and Loss Prevention Services (LLPS).

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