Get the popular Carhartt beanie in all colors for this winter

Winter is just around the corner, which means you’ll likely be spending more time indoors watching your favorite movies in comfy loungewear, drinking hot chocolate, and maybe even trying out a new puzzle. But for the times when you do decide to go out, if you live in cold temperatures, you will likely be bundled up.

And while wearing a good quality ski jacket and snow boots is definitely half the battle, a warm hat will take your comfort to the next level this winter. Whether you think of yourself as a hat or not, you have to admit that beanies are super practical for keeping warm in the winter.

A flagship brand that has conquered the world of cups in recent years? The Carhartt knit cuffed beanie.

The Carhartt A18 Knit Cuffed Beanies might be for men, but people of all genders and ages love to wear them. They are made in the USA and are available in over 30 colors.

This classic hat features everything you might expect from a winter hat: comfortable ribbed knit acrylic material (which really suits everyone) and the iconic Carhartt logo that can be spotted on figures like Rihanna, Kourtney kardashian, Kacey musgraves, Kendall Jenner and many more.

In June 2012, Rihanna was spotted on the streets of London wearing a vibrant neon green Carhartt A18 beanie. Rihanna, 33, paired the playful piece with chunky gold jewelry, a ‘Rich’ swimsuit she wore under a star-patterned white and black Adidas jacket and denim shorts.

Rihanna wearing a Carhartt beanie in London, England.

According to Carhartt website, this hat debuted in 1987 and was originally designed as a workwear staple. These days you will see it worn on construction sites or on the streets of New York as a centerpiece.

This $ 17 hat has an impressive 114,000+ reviews on Amazon, plus a 4.8 star rating!

“As you would expect from Carhartt, a great product at a good price,” said a satisfied customer on Amazon. “I bought it to take a trip to Buffalo, NY and was very happy to have it.”

“I was never someone who could wear a beanie, at least I thought so… until I found this hat!” I hated all the beanies in this style because of that “alien head” look they give you [but] this one does not! another Amazon reviewer said. “I buy one in all colors.”

Whether you’re looking for a few new winter essentials for yourself or wanting to stock up on gifts for loved ones, the Carhartt Beanie costs just $ 17 and is definitely worth a try. Plus, if it’s cool enough Rihanna, it’s definitely cool enough for us!

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