How do work clothes work? Portmans and Jacqui E’s numbers paint an interesting picture

Premier Retail has revealed the impact of the lockdowns on its workwear brands Jacqui E and Portmans.

In its FY21 presentation, the company revealed that while both brands saw sales growth during FY21, they both continue to be affected by a shortage of workers in CBD areas across the country.

According to research by Roy Morgan and UberMedia conducted in May, showed that movement in the CBDs of the locked-down cities of Melbourne and Sydney has consistently fallen below 60% of movement over a comparable period in 2020.

Source: Roy Morgan’s collaboration with UberMedia which provides anonymous aggregated information using mobile location data.

Meanwhile, Google movement data for September shows movements in the Melbourne and Sydney CBDs remain on the decline, with shopping and leisure visits down 78% and 77% respectively.

Source: Google COVID-19 Community Mobility Report

Speaking on the performance of brands with reduced traffic, Premier Retail said that although they were affected, Portmans and Jacqui E still had strong results.

“While Jacqui E continues to be heavily impacted by the temporary exodus of workers from CBD areas during the COVID-19 health crisis, the sales growth for fiscal year 21 demonstrates the long-term strength of the brand.

“In regions living with relaxed COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, Jacqui E’s sales were significantly stronger.

“In the meantime, Portmans has an extremely strong and distinctive market position and is well positioned for future growth, particularly beyond the current temporary exodus of workers from CBD areas,” the company said in a statement.

In FY21, Portmans achieved record sales of $ 141.7 million, up $ 36.5 million or 34.6% from FY20, supported by strong growth in data comparable both in store and online.

Jacqui E also reported an increase in sales during the period, increasing 13.6% to $ 70.1 million, during FY21.

Source: Google COVID-19 Community Mobility Report

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