In Telfar, the limit does not exist

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Every invitation to a Telfar event begs the question: what will the fashion industry wild card surprise us with now? The last time Telfar Clemens gathered his faithful followers and the media in a hall for an event, it turned out to be a press conference turned into a church sermon to announce the latest innovation from Brand: Telfar TV, an experimental 24-hour public network launched last September. On Wednesday night, Feb. 16, Clemens closed New York Fashion Week with a bow — an honor that has gone to Marc Jacobs for years — with a two-for-one delight.

The bow of this giveaway was jagged yet smooth, unruly yet perfectly placed, much like Clemens and her all-time favorite cult brand (even Beyonce owns a Telfar tote bag). Unlike the anxious hype of traditional fashion shows, the attendees’ hall in Telfar was somewhat quiet, likely due to the open bar tucked along the walkway to the “theater” or the aroma of grass covering the area as the originally scheduled show time seemed to be pushed back. further and further. Guests settled into theater-style seats that faced a large white screen, and as the video’s opening notes played, one thing was abundantly clear: This wasn’t your typical show. Again, ask yourself: Is Telfar Clemens your typical designer?

Guests were treated to TV videos of Telfar, from a spoken word performance by poet Fred Moten to a Wheel of Fortune-style game show to several dance breaks and banter between the cast, which included Gitoo Cuchifrito, Trap Selyna, Aya Brown, Ian Isiah (who served as main host), and of course, Clemens. At the end of one video, the curtains have been drawn to reveal a crisp white track playground similar to the Telfar TV set.

The unconventional show was Clemens’ response to a question he posed in the show notes: “What is a collection for a brand without buyers, stores or the planned obsolescence of seasonal fashion; a brand whose customers are more like collaborators?

The answer comes two years later with a bespoke collection for the coolest kids on the Telfar Univesity campus. The predominantly neutral color palette featured pops of candy-coated orange, blue and pink. Basic workwear like baggy chinos and cropped shirts were mixed with traditional elongated singlets with curved hems. Cut-out details appeared on boxy tees and sweatshirts, and several iterations of Telfar features like asymmetrical tops and tracksuits were dotted between the styles. When eyes didn’t turn to the college-themed collection, they focused on the accessories that punctuated certain looks, from the enlarged logo gold hoop earrings to the various sizes of the all-new Telfar sports bag silhouette.

The curtains closed and the screen resumed Telfar TV programming with more laughs, more jokes and more songs (Isiah wandered around the Telfar TV singing “cool down” repeatedly) before the screen is removed for the last time of the night to present the second half of the collection. The second part was dedicated to denim, which came in dark washes, distressed and mixed prints juxtaposed against more collegiate garments. Ending the show on a high, a figure dressed in a form-fitting black suit from head to toe appeared holding Telfar’s new silhouette – a round black shoulder bag embossed with the Telfar logo on the front. Pulling the family-style game show off the screen, Telfar TV actors and runway models came out for a salute as the mysterious figure dove into the audience with a QR code for anyone wishing to purchase the latest.” drip”. The loud applause and hour-long spectacle only prove that when it comes to Clemens’ ingenuity, there is no limit.

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