JBS Couros will reward designers who create bags and shoes using sustainable leather as raw material

In partnership with the Italian fair Exhibition Riva Schuh & Gardabags, the purpose of the action is to reinforce the concept of Kind Leather with market professionals

SAO PAULO, March 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — JBS Couros has begun accepting entries for the Design Kind Leather competition which will award prizes to creative fashion professionals who accept the challenge of developing products using Kind Leather, the most sustainable leather on the market according to a joint study with Asiatan. Registrations run until March, 31stand the competition is open to professional designers, stylists on the market.

The objective of JBS Couros is to reinforce the concept of Kind Leather with market professionals. To participate, those interested must submit at the time of registration the design of a capsule collection – with fewer items than usual, with between 8 and 15 products all developed with Kind Leather. Those who qualify for the next phase will be indicated by May 31st and will receive the raw materials to start working on the projects entered in the contest. Finalists will display their collections in an exclusive exhibition area at this year’s Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags, in June in Italywith all travel expenses paid by JBS.

The competition is a joint initiative with Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags, the leading international footwear and accessories trade show, FotoShoe 30 Magazine (an Italian magazine for footwear retail and wholesale professionals) and Arsutoria School (the leading technical and design training school for the footwear and leather goods sector), important brands in the world of fashion.

Alongside JBS Couros, the brands intend to use the first edition of the contest to establish an annual meeting with designers and manufacturers of shoes and bags to disseminate the values ​​of sustainability, reuse of materials and better management. Resource.

The winner will be announced at a ceremony open to all show attendees, and the final prize includes a scholarship for Arsutoria. To find out more, go to the link: Kind Leather Contest – Fotoshoe Magazine

Gender Leather

Launched in 2019, Kind Leather uses a more efficient and innovative production process that eliminates the parts of the leather that are of little use at the beginning of the process, since this material can be sent to other industries, such as the pharmaceutical and food industries. , turning waste into raw materials and making a significant contribution to the sustainability of the entire value chain.


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