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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., March 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Kindthread today announces the launch of its transformative new company into the healthcare apparel industry following recent acquisitions of Landau, White Cross, Chefwear and Scrubs & Beyond by a subsidiary of LKCM Headwater Investments, a leading middle-market private investment firm. With a commitment to supporting caregivers, the company will offer carefully selected products, services and experiences. Kindthread will establish a new headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“Kindthread is a solution the healthcare apparel industry has yet to see: a modern, forward-thinking, product-focused, customer-obsessed organization dedicated to serving healthcare professionals while having a positive impact on the community,” said David Murphy, CEO of Kindfil.

Murphy’s experience, commitment and passion for the caregiver fueled his desire to build a business focused on the holistic needs of healthcare professionals and industry at large.

“I have long envisioned building a business with integrity and service at its core that modernizes the big brands trusted by healthcare professionals. We will provide access to a wide range of choices and prices in the marketplace” , Murphy said.

The company name has a meaning. Gender and Thread—a combination of two simple words illustrates the core values ​​of the organization. According to Murphy, “’Kind’ is the attitude, warmth and feeling of the leaders we aspire to be and the customers we serve. The ‘thread’ refers to the product, its quality, design integrity and craftsmanship, but also how it connects the company and everything we do. Our common threads weave us together, creating consistency in how we treat and respect each other, communicate transparently and unite around our progressive approach to industry wellbeing.

Kindthread’s portfolio includes iconic brands serving healthcare professionals: Landau, White Cross, Chefwear and leading omnichannel retailer Scrubs & Beyond. “Our commitment to our brand and our independent retail partners has never been greater. We are delighted to work closely with them to grow their business,” he continued. “We believe that combining great brands with an omnichannel and specialized ecosystem allows us to better serve healthcare professionals and demonstrates our commitment to the industry as a whole.”

As the company seeks to modernize its heritage brands, the focus will remain on delivering innovative products and memorable experiences to healthcare and service professionals around the world.

“Kindthread represents a unique opportunity to invest in a platform of established brand players in Landau, White Cross, Chefwear and Scrubs & Beyond – who combined have served our global healthcare professionals for over 100 years” , said Rick Settle, director of upstream investments at LKCM. “We are impressed with the ability of David Murphy and his teams to rapidly scale this platform and look forward to helping accelerate reinvestment in these brands and future add-on acquisitions to further expand innovative product offerings, service capabilities and geographic relevance.

“LKCM Headwater is committed to partnering with leading family businesses and leaders. We continue to seek out platforms that we believe can benefit from our ability to drive transformational growth through organic initiatives and add-on acquisitions,” added Michael Bornitz, Partner at LKCM Headwater Investments. “We are delighted to partner with David Murphy and his management team who have deep industry knowledge and a comprehensive plan to grow Kindthread’s portfolio. This, along with talented teams across brands and leadership commitment to a positive culture, are key elements for a successful future.

After witnessing two years of healthcare professionals on the front lines of the pandemic, it became clear to Murphy that the mental health and general well-being of the caregiver needed to be a key priority within the organization. “Kindthread honors and supports those who make the world a better place through their service,” Murphy said. “Our mission-driven company is dedicated to making a meaningful impact through awareness, advocacy and action within the communities in which we operate and around the world. We are committed to building a responsible company that serves our industry and all current and future healthcare professionals, while fostering a positive corporate culture that leads with integrity.

A new management team brings significant expertise in supply chain, retail, sales, design, apparel and workwear. Together at the enterprise level, this group will reinvigorate pioneering portfolio brands whose historic product and service innovations are synonymous with the healthcare industry today.

The company plans to cultivate talent and capability within the organization and further invest in new talent, moving out of the apparel industry to acquire best-in-class executives in retail areas. retail, marketing, digital, creative services and community impact.

“Each of our iconic brands brings its own distinct value to the portfolio and each has outsized potential to grow even stronger together, through modernization and efficiency,” Murphy said. “We are unlocking extraordinary competitive advantage, setting the stage for continued growth by investing in these brands and delivering unique products, services and experiences to our retail partners.”

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About Kindthread

Kindthread is dedicated to serving and transforming the healthcare apparel industry while positively impacting the community. We honor those who make the world a better place through their service. Our global ecosystem of trusted brands and highly coveted products creates an unprecedented retail experience for caregivers around the world. Kindthread’s brand portfolio includes Landau, White Cross, Chefwear and leading omnichannel retailer Scrubs & Beyond.

About brands


The Landau family pioneered the medical uniform in the United States 70 years ago. With a mission to improve the lives of women and all healthcare professionals, founder Nat Landau and his wife created the modern scrub. Today, Landau is one of the best uniform suppliers in the world and prides itself on making scrubs with the highest quality fabrics in on-trend colors and prints to ensure a reliable and consistent fit.

white cross

Recognized as an iconic brand in the uniform industry, the story of White Cross is rich in history and heritage spanning three generations. For more than 100 years, the company has produced high quality clothing for healthcare professionals. Design, construction and functional style are the pillars of the brand, which is distributed in Canada, North America, Latin America and around the world. A White Cross uniform worn by Nursing Sisters in 1939 is on display at the Canadian Museum of Civilization. The company is proud to bring its Quebec heritage to healthcare professionals around the world.

kitchen outfit

Chefwear was founded over 30 years ago by a chef and entrepreneur based on the simple idea that foodservice professionals need quality workwear to meet the demands of the ever-changing hospitality industry. Since the creation of the original 100% cotton chef’s pant, the company has grown to include an extensive selection of apparel that provides superior comfort, style and functionality for everyone from professionals to enthusiasts.

Scrubs and beyond

For over 20 years, Scrubs & Beyond has provided cutting-edge products and exceptional customer service. Seeing an opportunity to raise the bar and provide a transformative experience for discerning healthcare professionals, Scrubs & Beyond grew its business to become the nation’s largest retailer of healthcare apparel and accessories. With the acquisition of Uniform City and Life Uniform companies in 2013, Scrubs & Beyond currently operates 113 stores in 30 states nationwide and is one of the largest scrub-based e-commerce companies with a consistent focus on the experience. customer.

About the investment partner

Investments upstream of LKCM

LKCM Headwater Investments is a Texas-based private equity firm that seeks to partner with management teams to build highly successful businesses that take an operational approach and provide businesses with the tools to build market leaders with benefits. sustainable competition. LKCM Headwater’s investment discipline is derived from decades of capital investing for their partners and for themselves.

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