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The 2021 Met Gala took place earlier this month. AUTUMN MACZKO | THE ALL STATE

Known as the biggest night in fashion, the Met Gala strives to empower its attendees to fuel their creativity and revive the fashion industry.

Each gala has its own theme, but this year I blurted out a “what is this?” »Audible?

The 2021 gala paid tribute to ingenuity in America. While guests did not have to wear pieces from an extravagant brand, their looks had to reflect the adventurous and innovative spirit of America.

This allowed for many interpretations of the theme, making this year’s red carpet unpredictable – and generally unflattering. Whoever came up with this theme gets a huge thumbs down in my book!

I will say that one of the good things about the event is that each participant took the time to come up with a creative idea suited to the theme. It was nice to see what everyone believed to be American culture.

Billie Eilish looked absolutely stunning and really embraced her new personality in an Oscar de la Renta dress that was reportedly modeled after Grace Kelly’s style. Some took it a step further, like Lil Nas X with clothes that looked like someone slapped on gold foil.

Diapers of ornate Versace looked like something that belonged more to an art teacher’s trash can. I was very disappointed, to say the least.

One look I didn’t hate was Grimes’s, to be perfectly honest. I mean, did they bring a whole sword? It was the coolest thing for me.

One person who really took the cake and really understood the theme assignment was Frank Ocean. Kendall Jenner and Emily Blunt also looked pretty with their flowing jewelry pattern and see-through dress look.

Everyone’s icon, Olivia Rodrigo, also killed him with his suit. The fur trim on her outfit was so adorable.

One of the absolutely gruesome looks, however, was Kim Kardashian’s. I don’t even know what you were thinking, but you gave me Spirit Halloween costume vibes on your outfit. And A $ AP Rocky, please stop modeling after the old fashioned disco balls you find at Spencer’s.

What do you think of the 2021 Met Gala? Did you like the theme or hate it? What outfits did you like the most?

Isabelle Morman

Isabella Morman is a liberal arts student at Austin Peay State University. She is currently a writer for The All-State. Isabella previously held broadcast and video production roles with the Kenwood Highschool news team, formerly known as KNN.

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