Mason Massey & Brunt Workwear Prepare To Elevate Together


Mason Massey prepares for a race at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

The NASCAR Xfinity Series heads to New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Saturday, July 17. Mason Massey will drive the # 99 BJ McLeod Motorsports Toyota Supra while showcasing Brunt workwear. The two sides will team up as they prepare to reach greater heights.

Speaking to Heavy in an exclusive interview, Massey and Brunt founder Eric Girouard gave a preview of their first collaboration. They explained that Massey’s dad actually did the sponsorship by contacting Brunt on Facebook and pitching the idea. Girouard went on to recognize that Massey had a blue collar background and that he had the work ethic to be successful in NASCAR.

“We were inundated with all the racers on the track, even some NASCAR drivers caught our attention,” Girouard told Heavy. “But Mason’s dad reached out, and it wasn’t like some typical kind of sales pitch. It was like, ‘here’s what we’re going to do.’

“The most important thing is that his dad really focused on the fact that it’s not… in driving, there are guys who do that as a hobby. There are guys who do this seriously, and obviously there’s probably everything else. But he was like ‘Mason is now at the racing team store, he lives there, he trains every day, he fakes. Some of the other people we’ve heard from, they haven’t.

Massey and Brunt hope to grow together to success

As a 10 month company, Brunt is moving rapidly in the NASCAR space. Girouard admitted to Heavy that some people might view the move as “premature”, but he felt partnering with a young driver from Massey was a natural fit. They can work together at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and then potentially grow together while pursuing success.

“You know, I’ve really enjoyed working with these guys so far,” Massey told Heavy. “And I really hope that Saturday goes well, that we have a good race. I feel pretty good in the car so I hope we have a good weekend. I really hope we can grow together as a brand and as a pilot.

The partnership is relatively new, but it has led to some initial success. Brunt celebrated the sponsorship by posting a special edition of their Brunt Box, a subscription that offers special items at low prices. The Massey Edition – which includes a hat, shirt, checkered flag and cooler for $ 25 – sold out completely ahead of the July 17 race.

Brunt Workwear will make the race weekend an event

With Massey taking on New Hampshire Motor Speedway in the Brunt car, the company is using the race weekend as an opportunity to engage with racing fans. Girouard explained to Heavy that the company is pulling out all the stops and showing up in force to support the Xfinity Series rider.

“We actually have two buses, we bring 50 of our supporters of the brand, customers who are obviously also NASCAR fans,” explained Girouard. “We bring 50 people, there are probably 25 more who will meet us there. So you have about 75 people. Then we’ll have a hatchback at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. “

In addition to tailgating on the track, Brunt’s crew will all head to the stands and occupy a massive section. This group of about 75 people will all be supporting Massey as he travels the 1,058 mile oval and fights for a solid finish. Although some of the group have time by the race car.

As Girouard explained, a privileged few will have passes for the July 17th race. They can go into the garage and check the car with its special paint scheme. They’ll also be able to pose for photo ops before Massey hits the runway.

The Ambetter Get Vaccined 200 Xfinity Series race takes place on Saturday, July 17 at 3 p.m. ET. NBC Sports Network will be covering all the action as Massey strives to achieve the best career performance. PRN and SiriusXM NASCAR Radio will broadcast the audio.

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