Midea helped Telesonic plant 30,000 trees last year

Sri Lanka’s quest to increase its forests by up to 30% has been dealt a blow with the advent of Covid-19, but a provocative reforestation campaign backed by consumer electronics giant Telesonic has ensured the planting of some 30,000 trees in 2021.

At a time when the UN is renewing its calls for world leaders to declare a climate emergency, the many private sector-backed efforts to increase forests have slowed as companies grapple with the woes of the pandemic. But Telesonic has refused to ease off its conservation mandate.

Telesonic’s visionary CEO Arun Mahtani sums up his company’s bold outlook: “As a brand, we believe the best time to make a monumental effort is when you’re stuck against the wall. The economy and the health of the planet are hard hit. One cannot survive without the other and time is running out for both. That’s why you see Telesonic, together with our global partner Midea, leading the way in committing to triple bottom line, even in times of great adversity.”

Clean, fresh air is our mission and we run two types of workshops that demonstrate our commitment to lasting relationships. The first, of course, is our futuristic air conditioning workshops which provide the most reliable after-sales service on the island. The second is our off-the-beaten-track workshop in remote Buttala where we run our massive reforestation mission, says Mahtani.

2021 marked a milestone in Telesonic’s commitment to ecosystem restoration with the planting of 30,000 trees, primarily in southeastern Sri Lanka.

Carried out against the debilitating setbacks of the pandemic, the newly restored forest plots will be monitored and maintained with the support of a few partner organizations, even as one of Sri Lanka’s epic reforestation campaigns continues in the future.

Sustainable reforestation is a colossal challenge and requires a collective effort. This is where we work with like-minded individuals and organizations whenever possible and are grateful for these rewarding partnerships, Mahtani says.

Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions weighed heavily on Sri Lanka’s reforestation efforts and we knew right away that this was our moment of truth.

Our first goal was to keep our extensive nurseries running, and as plants began to outlive their bags, we redoubled our efforts to share our resources with partner organizations with the collective ambition to outsmart the predictions by putting plants in the ground, the right species in the right places, he says.

Telesonic has already shaken up the air conditioner market, with Midea becoming the top selling air conditioning brand in Sri Lanka. Now the company wants to leave its mark as a responsible business, leading the crusade to grow more forests.

Mahtani says the brand’s relationship with the positive impact catalyst Geo Explore Foundation is inspiring the business world by delivering the message that to thrive in business, you also need to ensure that people and business thrive. environment must thrive.

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