Monalisa dancing to ‘Kamli-Kamli’, fans went crazy

Television actress Monalisa is in the news day after day for her photos and videos. Monalisa recently shared a new dance video on social media. Dazzling performances on the song ‘Kamli-Kamli’ are shown in the video. Fans go crazy watching Monalisa’s performance on Katrina Kaif’s song. Monalisa is seen in her bedroom in the video. Monalisa wears a sleeveless white outfit.

Monalisa did not wear makeup as she shoots a dance video. Fans will watch glamorous performances on Monalisa’s Kamli-Kamli and Monalisa’s avatar will change completely in the blink of an eye. Monalisa dances without makeup at the start of the video. As the video progresses, Monalisa is seen flaunting her look in a yellow colored mini outfit with full makeup. Monalisa’s dance moves in the video can drive anyone crazy. Monalisa’s sizzling dance performance is formidable.

Monalisa’s new dance video is being liked on the same social networks. Monalisa’s dance video was loved by over 10,000 users within hours. Monalisa fans comment on her video. Monalisa has taken a new step in the television industry, from Bhojpuri industry to Hindi.

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