Money talks | Have fun along the way

You save and save and you’ve probably been doing it for years. But be sure to budget for the fun and smell the roses along the way.

TEMPLE, Texas — You must love financial planner Rolandus Johnson’s attitude toward his clients by insisting that fun is built into your budget, all with the goal of living the life you want!

Johnson told 6 News: “Exactly, our goals are to find effective ways to do that, so the most important thing is to get the dollar to do more than one thing. So if we can be efficient in our savings and efficient in our planning, it leaves you with more time and opportunity to do fun things in your 20s, 30s and even 40s these days.But, you still put money aside for have this great life later.”

Johnson wants to remind everyone that much of what you spend now can be your entertainment.

“Game night, family game night at home, it’s huge in our household,” Johnson said. “Whether it’s Monopoly or things like that. Movie night at home with all the streaming services we have. Between HBO Max, HULU, Netflix, Prime Video all those things and movie night at home.”

And a lot of people say what’s the point if you save your whole life, and then you don’t take full advantage of that retreat.

“The financial peace of mind of doing things the right way, and along the way it usually works out, so you’re 58 or 60 and you have loved ones around you and financial peace isn’t a concern, you’re more concerned about taking care of them and they can focus on taking care of you, whatever your scenario is,” Johnson said.

So treat yourself and your loved ones a little, but understand why you are making these sacrifices. “Okay, okay, live like nobody else today, so you can live like nobody else tomorrow,” Johnson said. “It’s huge in my clientele.”

Of course, with inflation hitting as hard as it is, you really need to budget to spend your money on entertainment, otherwise it’s easy to have too many months left, at the end of your money…

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