New Star Wars 45th Anniversary Concept Series Apparel at Walt Disney World

“Star Wars” turns 45 this month and Walt Disney World is celebrating with a new line of apparel featuring original concept art for the films. We found all of this in World of Disney at Disney Springs.

Process Plate Tee – $36.99

This t-shirt is shaded beige in color with a white stripe along the bottom.

The designs on these shirts are all printed in ultraviolet ink, which means they should last longer.

This shirt features several storyboard images from the climactic scene of “Star Wars: A New Hope”, when Luke flies through the trenches of the Death Star.

There’s a close-up of Wedge Antilles in its X-wing cockpit, along with scene description and two renderings of flying X-wings.

A patch for the concept series is in the lower right corner. It includes the 45th anniversary logo, which features Luke Skywalker’s original concept.

Storyboard Speeder Tee – $36.99

This white t-shirt features a sketch of Luke’s speeder on Tatooine.

The description says “Speeder to Cantina”. There are boxes for plan number, page number, number of frames and plate number.

The “Star Wars 45” patch is at the bottom.

Millennium Falcon Storyboard Tee – $36.99

This blue t-shirt has a holographic rectangle on the front. Seen from different angles, it features one of two storyboard images of the main characters inside the Millennium Falcon.

There are notes around the holographic image and a classic dialogue printed underneath: “It’s not a moon…it’s a space station.” Make a U-turn.

One shot shows the group from behind, looking at the Death Star, while the other shows them from the side looking forward.

Darth Vader crew neck – $64.99

This brown crew neck shirt features an image of Darth Vader in the center.

The vintage image also features old models for Luke, Chewbacca, C-3PO and R2-D2.

“Star Wars” is printed in black on one sleeve.

Will you be wearing any of these “Star Wars” concept series clothes? Let us know in the comments.

This garment is also available at Disneyland Resort.

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