Now is the right time for the new LCKR clothing line

Choice, value and a pristine inventory list now makes the right time for Foot Locker

to introduce its new clothing line, LCKR, said Bryon Milburn, senior vice president and general manager of Foot Locker. So on October 20, Foot Locker is launching a mix of fleece sweatshirts, cargo pants and more as part of the first LCKR edition.

“Our position at Foot Locker is ‘sneaker culture for people’,” says Milburn. “Sneaker culture isn’t just about sneakers, as we always say, it’s a state of mind and clothes are part of that state of mind.”

Foot Locker’s initial launch of LCKR offers men’s sizes from small to double XL with matching fleece hoodies and tapered sweatpants, full zip hoodies, cargo pants and track jacket sets and matching pants in a mix of neutral and seasonal colourways.

Milburn says customers say they want a new option to explore, something new, unexpected, and in line with current trends. “We have to be dynamic and bold in style when it comes to colors,” he says. “It must be fun. We can’t make it too complicated; it has to be authentic to who we are, it has to be inclusive for our diverse clientele. Milburn adds that the value proposition — parts range from $ 40 to $ 75 — provides affordability and the ability to bring a new customer into the business. Focus groups show consumers are mixing and matching brands more than ever, making this the “perfect time to bring the LCKR line” to retail.

Foot Locker previously had their own brand of clothing, something more akin to a commodity label. This Foot Locker label began in the early 2000s, but Foot Locker left the apparel space about three years ago. “It didn’t feel connected to the consumer and it certainly wasn’t top quality,” Milburn said.

The new LCKR line therefore aims to bring value to high-end lifestyle models, using the company’s network of resources to quickly bring trends to market, while also teaming up, both by terms of color and style, to the most popular shoe models that the company sells. LCKR will position itself alongside the current portfolio of choice, offering a “daily high base” that does not try to replace what is already available, but serves as a compliment. “We’re going to hang our hat on a great value opportunity, being premium in nature. These are must-have lifestyle pieces that can add to the existing wardrobe of the customer who appreciates style, comfort and value,” Milburn said. “This is a great opportunity to add an exclusive new brand to Foot Locker’s portfolio. ”

Foot Locker knows that up to 90% of its consumers start their Foot Locker journey online, whether it’s on the company’s site, app or social media. LCKR will have a strong presence on these channels, but Milburn says they will also use its 830 US-based retail stores with employees who can explain LCKR’s value proposition.

While LCKR will have a traditional spring, summer, fall, and holiday release, Milburn expects to use an agile supply chain that can leverage consumer insights to stay on-trend. For example, the cargo pants from the original offering will be available in everything from fleece to ripstop nylon. By the end of the year, expect to see a lot of tie-dyeing and camouflage. And spring will feature shorts, trendy T-shirts and light outerwear.

“We think we know what the customer wants today, but in two, three, four months we’ll see something and say we need to continue with this,” he says.

The initial launch, aided by rapper Gunna and a mix of influencers, will begin in the US, but Milburn says plans for the end of the year include an exclusive offer for women, and then rollout in the future. global LCKR across Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia, tailoring each region’s assortments to the desires of local consumers.

“We’re excited to bring this to life,” said Milburn. “It’s a passion of mine. I’ve been in the apparel business for a long time and I’m excited to bring it to life. Now is a good time to bring a new private label to consumers. They are asking for it. We are going to bring it to life. give it to them, there’s a lot more to come.

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