Number twelve is the sustainable workwear brand you need on your radar

Starting with a small collection of around 20 designs, Issue Twelve is perfect for anyone looking to create a capsule wardrobe, especially given how easy it is to mix and match pieces. Not only are the models not seasonal, but their anti-fashion nature also makes them appealing to customers of all ages. “I have precisely in mind a mother and her daughter [when designing]; I don’t think there is a specific age for the client, ”Chapman continues. “I think it’s more of an attitude: someone who likes clothes and materials but someone who doesn’t want to think too much about fashion.”

For Chapman, fashion is really a family affair: his parents are Tom and Ruth Chapman, the founders of Fashion matches – but it is not necessarily a path that she always wanted to follow. “I actually studied graphic design,” she explains. “I think it’s because I really wanted to create my own path and not follow in my parents’ footsteps. But I just like the materials and the research side.

In the future, working on the continuous improvement of the materials used will be a key objective for the brand. “There are things we would like to do a lot more. We try to source organic and recycled material, but we make really limited amounts to start with, ”says Chapman. “So, for example, if you want organic silk [you often have to] order a very large quantity. At the moment, the most sustainable option for us is actually to go for non-organic silk.

The brand is focused on delivering high quality parts using responsibly sourced materials.

This is why providing transparency is also essential for Chapman. “We explain to our customers the product journey from the origin of the fiber,” she continues. “For example, with the cashmere coat, the cashmere was from Mongolia, it was woven in Yorkshire, then the coat was made in London, and the buttons are walnut.”

Chapman hopes that helping customers understand number twelve’s core values ​​means they’ll also treasure the coins for longer. “People really connect with the story behind it,” she concludes. “His [about] create pieces that last.

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