Official Authentic Patented FERGO Collegiate Dress Returns With New Design For 2022

FERGO sportswear

A teaser view of the rear shoulder part of the FERGO Authentic Official Collegiate Dress

Authentic Official Collegiate Dress in FL Gators blue and orange

FERGO Authentic Official Collegiate Dress

FERGO Authentic Official Collegiate Dress in LSU colors

Custom designer FERGO, the original designer of the authentic official collegiate dress, is getting ready to launch their completely redesigned and redesigned collegiate dress.

This new redesign is a truly unique piece and it is unmatched in terms of comfort, durability, vibrancy and fit.

– McDonald Ferguson

DELRAY BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, January 10, 2022 / – FERGOPatented authentic official of Collegiate Dress is set to come back with a complete overhaul. Some of the new features include new custom fittings, an overhaul of the bottom seam laces, a unique performance material that is usually specific to field jerseys, and updated graphics.

“Our authentic official collegiate dresses are inspired by the field uniforms worn by our greatest athletes,” says FERGO Founder / CEO and Chief Designer McDonald Ferguson. “This new overhaul is more than just a thing to grab your attention. It’s soft, comfortable and made from the same high performance material as our field uniforms. It looks amazing. It is avant-garde. It’s fresh. You can wear it for a sporting event, a city outing, cutting edge events or even just to relax. This new redesign is a truly unique piece and it is unmatched in terms of comfort, durability, vibrancy and fit.

The patented, officially licensed Collegiate range of FERGO dresses will now look directly like the graphic prints of the uniforms in the field. College sports enthusiasts, friends, colleagues and families can expect to find their favorite college for their Collegiate Dress collection.

FERGO’s new redesigned line will launch its football cut dress with top schools like Syracuse, USC and LSU, among others. FERGO is developing the full line of authentic official college outfit designs inspired by many other sports including basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, golf and more as they continue their explosive growth in the apparel market and sports equipment.

FERGO’s new extended product line, including the new design of the original authentic official collegiate dress, will debut at Sports Licensing and Tailgate Fair in Las Vegas January 19-21, 2022. FERGO staff will be live and available to accept pre-orders.

FERGO Apparel brings 29 years of bespoke performance apparel design to the sportswear market. The company’s further expansion into the retail sportswear market is the next step in creating personalized sportswear and gear for every race, generation and organization. We are committed to providing premium quality sports clothing and equipment for all. FERGO’s corporate headquarters are located in Delray Beach, Florida. We can be reached by email at [email protected] or toll free at 1 (888) 531-0272

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