Pants, shorts and sweatshirts to compose your wardrobe

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Even though pants play an important part in the wardrobe, most men have the same two or three styles in the same two or three different colors. Expand your repertoire; you shouldn’t limit yourself to blue jeans and basic khaki chinos. Both of these examples make great mainstays in your pants rotation, but there are so much other options to explore.

What about larger chinos with puffy socks? Work pants with designer paint splashes? Sweatpants with thick cashmere construction? It all sounds cool, right? They are, along with a handful more that you’ll have to keep reading to discover, the new essentials – the must-haves. Each signals that you are up to date – that is, on top of the trends – because you are aware of what makes something classic.

We’ve covered all the basics: great pants that you can wear around town or at the office, antibacterial underwear to wear underneath, and loungewear that you can, well, relax, but also wear to sports games. basketball or even at the bar. (Gasp!)

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We are fans of wash denim and will proudly defend it when others call it a lazy shortcut. Breaking raw denim and washing anything its dye bleeds in isn’t fun. In fact, it can hurt, and wearing them to the point where they’re soft and washed out takes a long time. There is no cheating in baseball or billiards, but in blue jeans? Buy the washed ones and save eight months of pain.


Faded two-year-old straight fit jeans

Jeans that get the better of the mix of the 90s and the new.

Jean Ambassador SEA

These are made with the environment before mind. They were cut, sewn and washed in the world’s largest sustainable denim factory with denim made by Candiani, an Italian company that champions more environmentally friendly raw materials.

501 Original fit jeans

What more can we say about these classic jeans? These are the 501s, the denim that defined American fashion.

The era of skinny pants is long gone. The designers oppose the skin-tight aesthetic with looser, wider pants, and some have taken it to the extreme: they’ve designed stockings that flare at the hips, widen very slightly at the bottom. knee level and go straight down. hem. But the softer iterations prove to be easier to manage for most men and should be an immediate addition to your wardrobe.

However, the trend is not a sudden development. A year in sweatpants and other soft stockings has accustomed us, no doubt addicts, to comfortable clothes. How could we all start putting on tight pants again? We could not. And shouldn’t. Going from a skinny cut to a straight cut seems like a big step, but it’s worth taking it a step further.


Flat front pants

Alex Mill’s flat front pants are by no means bell bottoms. They are fitted at the hips, wide at the thighs and tapered at the legs.

Chino field

Looking for a super, super straight cut that suddenly looks wide? Well, RRL’s Field Chino is for you.

Volk twill pants

The Twill Volk pants are avant-garde. A little cropped? To verify. Pleated? To verify. Available in a few standard base colors? Check, check, check.

Buying underwear that is designed to last can seem like a backward feeling. But more durable and cooler base coats exist. Go for underwear made from premium materials such as lyocell, tencel, hemp or bamboo. These are naturally found to be antibacterial – which means less BO – and emphasize comfort and environmental awareness rather than cost cutting and cheap construction. To find them, all you need to do is master the materials to look for.



Lyocell is smoother than silk and gentler on the skin than cotton. Plus, it’s naturally antibacterial, which means your underwear will smell clean for longer.

Merino boxer shorts 150

Moisture-absorbent and odor-resistant, merino wool is the material of choice for the 150 boxers from Smartwool. Although the wool doesn’t seem to sit well on the skin, it is super, super soft.


As the name suggests, Mack Weldon’s AIRKNITx boxers let air in to keep you cool and dry and circulate air, reducing the risk of lingering odors.

Here’s the flash truth about utility pants: There are carpenter’s pants, painter’s pants, double-knee pants, and latticework, and while the differences between them may seem subtle, these styles of pants actually vary quite a bit. What everyone says about your personal style can also: the first two are synonymous with work clothes; the third may be too much; and the last one is unmistakably a military question

. Carpenter’s pants come with at least one side buckle and several flush side pockets for tools; painter’s pants are usually the same, except for their color (they are white, so they can be bleached); double-knee pants, as one can guess, are reinforced at the knees (and in several other places); the fatigues are inspired by military pants and are generally olive green with two large patch pockets on the front and two patch pockets on the back with buttoned flaps.

Why wear one of these clothes over, say, jeans? Well, it is about the optics. They add interest to otherwise flat outfits and signal (at least some of) a fashion sensibility. Plus, who ever complained about having more pockets?


Double Knee Painter’s Trousers

Drake once said that he was physically unable to take a knee, because he was wearing all white. But he could have been if he wore Dickies double knees. They are elegant in the style of work clothes and can be cleaned with a simple bleach.

Duck work pants

You know Carhartt and Carhartt WIP, the fashion wing of the workwear brand, but there are a million brands that are reinventing work styles for the modern wearer. See: JieDa’s Duck Work Trousers, classic looking brown work pants with designer paint splashes. No, the price of $ 405 is not for the stains, but rather for the heavy duck construction. Don’t be fooled.

US Army Fatigue Pants

No, these are not official standard fatigue from decades ago. They’re made by Japanese repro brand Orslow to almost exact vintage pair specifications.

If nothing else, this past year has proven the resistance of sweatpants. But a year spent in sweatpants ordered from Amazon would make anybody crave a little softer pants, so go ahead and treat yourself to an expensive pair. How about a cashmere lounge pants hand-knitted in Italy? As the Well butter or attractive bread that you splurged at the grocery store is the luxury you keep at home.


Heavyweight cashmere track pants

If you like luxury, you shouldn’t exclude it from your own home. What if no one sees you in your $ 946 sweatpants? They are surely softer than the rest of the pairs piled up on your closet floor. And comfort is priceless.

Vintage sweatpants

When was the last time you splurged on something exclusively for yourself? Sure, someone could slip them in your drawer, but those sweatpants are yours, dammit!

Frack Face Track Pants

It’s hard to call the $ 270 sweatpants the affordable alternative. But, here they are, the affordable alternative: the $ 270 Frack Face Track Pants from Acne Studios.

The right knit short mixes streetwear and sportswear, modern and vintage, fatherhood and freshman gym classes. With the right top – let’s say a t-shirt from your favorite streetwear brand – they went from the bottom you’d wear at a basketball game to something you wouldn’t want to wear if you ran into your partner’s parents. . Finding the right pair, however, depends on a particular formula: not baggy but definitely not skinny, no garish logos on the crotch and a crotch shorter than seven inches.


Van Cortlandt shorts

These are courts – ‘go running’ courts from the 1970s era. As practical as they are for cross-country ski runs, they work well in the sweltering heat of summer.

Mesh shorts

Rowing Blazers’ mesh shorts sit above the knee but don’t go up to the inner thigh when you sit down. There is a lot of coverage, but they still make a statement.

Old Fashioned Mesh Shorts

Take the look to an extreme level. Relax’s lacrosse shorts became so popular that American Trench ordered a few custom colors and dubbed the assortment the Old School Mesh Shorts.

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