Peloton launches Down Under clothing line

Fitness brand Peloton is launching its private fashion brand, Peloton Apparel, in Australia today.

The collection, which targets masculine, feminine and non-sexist styles, is available online, costs between $ 24 and $ 182, and uses four fabric styles tested for different functions.

“We know Australians take activewear seriously and we’re excited to kick off this new era of fashion – mixing comfort, fun and functionality alongside our global community,” said Jill Foley, vice president of apparel of Peloton.

“Over the past few months, it has been great to see our Australian members as excited as we are about our brand, and we hope our new clothes will be an integral part of their Peloton experience. It is important to us that [they] see clothing as an extension of the brand and the community.

According to the company, Peloton Apparel has undergone wear tests by its members, non-members and instructors, to ensure a high level of quality.

The brand recently announced that it will launch interactive stores in “major Australian cities” later this year, giving Australians a chance to try its smart cycle products.

The company will reduce its Peloton Bike and Bike + products, which will cost $ 2,895 and $ 3,695 respectively, as well as an unlimited access subscription that will allow these products to access Peloton’s fitness programs for $ 59 per month.

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