Rent Clutch recycled the brand profile of the New York fashion label

Rent Clutch: “Women feel guilty about their fashion purchases and need new choices”

Erin Beatty – founder of the Rent Clutch brand launched in 2019 – elevates vintage and unsold fabrics with looks lasting in their ease and a subtle hint of Americana, from spliced ​​and diced flannel shirts to ruffled t-shirts

“I’ve always liked vintage, taking used parts and changing them,” says Erin Beatty, known for founding the New York-based label anxious about the Suno company, which has closed its doors, much to the regret of the company. industry, in 2016. It was then that she was pregnant with her second child. , the same year, that she began to meditate on the waste caused by behemoths and small fashion brands. “I really started looking for sustainable alternative fabrics,” she says, “but nothing satisfied my creative needs”.

Unsold fabrics and vintage finds are at the heart of Beatty’s Rent Clutch brand – named after a French word meaning ‘to piece together’ – which seeks to breathe new life into unwanted clothing and fabrics in an intriguing fashion way. sustainable. “There’s a lot of vintage in LA and Florida,” she says. “I find a lot of men’s shirts in Connecticut and there are big warehouses in New York. It’s just a matter of finding the right quality.

Beatty focuses on evolving principles of American workwear – overdyed college sweatshirts, chambray and denim shirts – and imbues them with a subtle femininity, like ruffles, floral prints, and pie crust collars. . For Rent Clutch’s P / S 2022 lookbook and collectible film, the brand scampered with a troupe of dancers to a Beatty friend’s farm, Harlem Valley Homestead, in Wingdale, NY, where they sported striped dresses and vintage denim belts, hybrid smocked dresses and sweaters. , and deconstructed blouses. Pieces have even been made from a Marc by Marc Jacobs fabric, the distribution brand which closed its doors in 2015. “Might as well share! said Beatty. “The most correct way for brands to get rid of their old materials is to resell them. “

A Rent Clutch meadow dress – trimmed with cotton lace and formed from three iterations of floral fabric – was selected to be part of “In America: A Lexicon of American Fashion”, the main two-part series of fashion shows at. New York, focused on American-style emotional qualities. Beatty’s piece is a symbol of the aesthetic of America’s past but also, in terms of design, of what is essential to its future. §

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