REPORT: Springboard of Czech cinema @ Finále Plzeň 2021

– The industry platform shed light on a multitude of projects from the youngest generation of beginning Czech filmmakers

An ensemble drama mixing dark humor and social criticism, an elliptical and intimate film addressing a controversial social issue, a formally experimental drama on toxic masculinity and a glocal Czech New Wave-inspired story about domestic Gen-Xs were presented. on Finále Plzeň’s Czech Film Tremplin industrial platform, highlighting projects in development for international film professionals.

BearBeata Parkanova
Emerging Czech writer-director Beata Parkanova to have finished Word, his second film of a planned trilogy (read the news), while preparing the last part Lights. However, she has other plans, including a psychological drama called Bear. The story consists of five stories linked by the same archetypal protagonist, a woman in her thirties. Parkanová, who is currently working on the screenplay, noted that unlike her trilogy where the world and its boundaries are determined by the main character, she took an opposite approach to Bear, “where the characters carry the theme.” Parkanová adds that the characters “investigate proximity, its development, its forms and its phases in human life.” The script and development of the project has been supported by the Czech Film Fund and main shooting is scheduled for 2024. love.FRAME and Azyl, the production teams producing Word, respectively from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, are late Bear and the producers are currently looking for additional co-production partners and a sales agent.

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Head nurseJan Vejnar
Emerging filmmaker Jan Vejnar, who directed the mystery short Extra with the legendary French actor Denis Lavant, is preparing its first feature film offer Head nurse, which he co-wrote with Vaclav Hašek. Kamila Dohnalova, attached as a producer for her production company Last Films, described the project as a combination of dark humor and heavy social criticism. Head nurse will be an ensemble drama that will take place over a single day in a Czech regional hospital. “The tiled structure of the narrative gives audiences the prospect of tragicomic hyperbole, relying heavily on the absurdity created in the micro-situations,” Dohnalová says, adding that the film is expected to go into production in 2023. The producer confirmed that he sees the film as a three-country co-production, seeking partners in the Central European region as well as the Balkan and Nordic countries. The Czech Film Fund supported the development of the script and Head nurse won the KVIFF & MIDPOINT Development Award at the 55th edition of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (read the news).

Invisible lossMartin Pavol Repka
Recent FAMU graduate Martin Pavol Repka preparing his first feature film Invisible loss under the new production label of Vaclav Kadrnka, Sirius Movies Manual. Partly inspired by Repka’s childhood, Invisible loss sees an elderly couple with three teenage children discovering that they are expecting another child. In a sudden turn of events, an unseen loss engulfed the family as they prepared to welcome the new member despite the risks and prejudices associated with the mother’s relatively advanced age. The project has so far received support from the Czech Film Fund for development, and main filming is slated for spring and summer 2022, with a premiere scheduled the following year. “The motive for the involuntary termination of an elderly woman’s pregnancy in a Catholic family environment brings a different perspective to a controversial social issue,” explains the producer. Simona Kadrnkova, which has revealed to be open to co-production with Slovakia.

Near farOndřej Erban
Young production company Shore Points, behind the critically acclaimed webseries The term and the horror of minimalist civilization Domesticated, currently working on Ondřej Erbanthe first feature film offering from Near far. The chamber drama addresses the crisis of masculinity as the story follows David, a former movie star who now lives as a recluse, reuniting with his estranged 14-year-old son. The script and the development of the project were supported by the Czech Film Fund while Near far was selected for The Central Europe Feature Project workshop and MIDPOINT Intensive workshop. The producer expects development to last until April 2022 while production is scheduled for September 2022. Post-production work is expected to be finalized in March 2023. Experienced Slovak producer Ivan Ostrocovský from Punkchart Films joined the project as a co-producer and once the film was shot, the film’s producer Jakub jira plans to speak to potential sales agents and festival planners.

Pig slaughterAdam martinec
The programming of the promising first films of the Czech Film Springboard is complemented by the new film by Adam martinec, winner of the Czech Lion for Best Short Film, the Magnesia Award for Best Student Film and the Czech Film Critics’ Award for Anatomy of a Czech Afternoon. Martinec plans to continue developing the thematic line of his short films, which he calls “a representation of Czech homo sapiens” in his first feature film, poetically titled Pig Slaughter. The director, who also writes the screenplay, has chosen a home pig slaughter, a tradition in some areas, as the scene of his drama where family members from different generations will converge and their “aspirations, attitudes and fears” will enter. in game. conflict in a single day. The film will also be Martinec’s graduation film, the development of which was supported by the Czech Film Fund. The final script will be ready in January 2022, the film’s producer has confirmed. Matěj Paclik, from the young production company Breathless Films, which also produced the director’s two short films. Main shooting is scheduled for January 2023, with post-production work ending in September 2023. The producer is in negotiations with potential Slovak co-producers while remaining open to co-production partners from other neighboring countries, although he wishes to present the project also to Polish producers. Pig Slaughter does not yet have a sales agent, while the producer plans to present the project to representatives of international festivals.

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