Shiv Roy’s Estate Outfits Give All The Workwear Inspiration You Need

The fact that we have all turned to streaming and on-demand services has not diminished the influence of television on our daily lives. When it comes to our wardrobes in particular, it seems the impact of television has never been greater. As good as Kill Eve Villanelle, Fleabag and (again) Friends’ Rachel Green, one of the most recent “influencers” to emerge from the small screen is Succession Shiv Roy – played by Sarah Snook – thanks in large part to her modern take on power dressing.

Two years ago, with the show in its second season, Michelle Matland, _Suit designer for _Succession, explained how Shiv’s wardrobe was emblematic of her choices over the family business. Working outside the company in the first season, Shiv wore softer, overtly feminine pieces in pastel shades, only to trade them in for some artful tailoring in neutral colors by joining the family empire in the second season.

Speaking to New Yorker__, Matland referred to Shiv’s “new armor”: structured, bespoke pieces by The Row, Stella McCartney, Armani and Max Mara. It’s a powerful dressing for the modern era, with Shiv (via Matland) choosing clothing with silent power, denoting an understanding of personal style and fashion credentials without straying into flashy territory.

Early last year, before a global pandemic forced us to spend even more time with our favorite TV characters, arguably strengthening their influence over us all, Lyst reported that there was an increase in online searches for clothing directly related to Shiv’s outfits. At the start of Series 2, it seems all we wanted was some bespoke pieces, with wide-leg searches up 133%.

After a year where a large chunk of the workforce had to transform their homes into a new office space, many of us are now facing a return to traditional workspaces, thus confronting us all with the question. to know what work clothes look like now. With the third season of Succession on Now TV on Monday, October 18, Shiv Roy may have the answers to these questions.

Until then, take inspiration from all of her best looks so far …

Succession Shiv Mode

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In the pilot episode, Shiv appears in an unusually low-key outfit – pairing an oversized Fair Isle sweater (from H&M’s LOGG brand) with brown pants and brown hiking boots.

Succession Shiv Mode

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Shiv’s uniform for Season 1 (notably, where she works away from family) includes a range of casual blouses – mostly from New York-based brand Theory.

Succession Shiv Mode

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A fall vision in burnt orange – pre-Waystar Shiv is exactly what we want to look like this fall.

Succession Shiv Mode

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In true ‘my dad is a billionaire’ style, Shiv’s outerwear wardrobe is designed only for those with a driver.

Succession Shiv Mode

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Old Hollywood Glamor – this ruched Talbot Runhof dress paired with waves and vintage jewelry is perfected with a touch of red lipstick.

Succession Shiv Mode

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Shiv and turtlenecks go hand in hand like Blair Waldorf and headbands – this fine ribbed gray knit was the start of a long-standing relationship for Roy.

Succession Shiv Mode

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Shiv’s style may not be groundbreaking, but it certainly makes a statement among the powerful players in the Succession boardroom.

Succession Shiv Mode

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Known for her love of pastels, this cocktail dress gave Shiv a slightly softer side for her engagement party.

Succession Shiv Mode

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The transition to the dark side is over – when visiting the company, the soft tones and jewelry are gone, and Shiv is ready to fight with her siblings.

Succession Shiv Mode

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On board the family yacht (goals), Shiv adopts a subtle Saint-Tropez in a tonal look.

Succession Shiv Mode

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A little sexier than we’re used to seeing her – this business-in-the-front-party-in-the-back version of the famous turtleneck is by Gabriela Hearst.

Succession Shiv Mode

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Shiv elevates the power suit from day to night in a belted Max Mara plaid blazer dress.

Succession Shiv Mode

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Powerful pants – Shiv isn’t afraid of a high-waisted figure, and that’s certainly not a problem.

Succession Shiv Mode

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Shiv relies on designers like Max Mara, Ralph Lauren, and The Row Shiv to transform sharp cuts into battle armor.

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