Shoppers gear up for sales tax free week on clothes and shoes – NBC Connecticut

Sunday marks the start of Connecticut’s free sales tax holiday week, and shoppers are bracing for a bit of relief at the checkout line.

It’s part of the state’s emergency legislation to create a sales tax-free vacation week. This is also in conjunction with the suspension of the excise tax on gasoline.

Shoppers can expect to forget about paying sales tax on shoes and apparel costing less than $100 per item.

Shoppers like Jackie Kelly plan to return to stores on Sunday to save a few extra bucks and take advantage of the suspended tax.

“I didn’t know until today and now I’m a little angry that I bought all of this,” Kelly said. “I shop all the time and I’m a student so it’s nice to have some extra cash in my pocket.”

Incentivizing consumers is a step some financial experts say is necessary given the rise in other items like food and gasoline.

“I think over the last two years people have just gotten sick of staying indoors, they want to get out and if there’s a tax holiday there’s a reason for people to get out” , said Mohammad Elahee, professor of international trade. at Quinnipiac University.

“This tax holiday will definitely help consumers, and I think more than consumers, retailers and by retailers, I mean brick and mortar retailers, they will benefit with small businesses,” he said. he continued.

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