Sims 4 DLC adds clothing inspired by Indian and Korean fashion

Fashion Street and Incheon Arrivals are two new paid kits for The Sims 4 featuring excellent looks based on Indian and South Korean fashion scenes. The first takes inspiration from Mumbai’s Fashion Street, adding henna tattoos, wrap skirts and more. While the latter comes from Seoul’s “airport style”, offering the kind of outfits that celebrities would snatch getting out of a plane. But it’s also the kind of outfit I want to wear! Everything looks comfy and long, and I suddenly need a jacket that goes down below my knees.

The Sims have done some street fashion collaborations before, sure, but this one in particular has some nice combinations that I think I would actually buy. Between that and the fashion for Deathloop, I’m going to need game developers to start opening stores or something like that.

The Fashion Street Kit is directly inspired by the Mumbai fashion scene and consists of many flowing pieces and piercings for your Sims to rock.

“[The kit] is inspired by the Indian loom (weaving) industry, which preserves and renders a beautiful image of our centuries-old heritage, known around the world for the richness and purity of its textiles, ”explains fashion curator Shruti Sitara Singh. “Each room is adorned with bright colors and culturally specific prints, because Mumbai, the city of dreams, is a melting pot.”

Asymmetrical vests in particular are quite good, the kind of thing that layers well with a lot of clothing.

The Sims 4 clothing styles inspired by Mumbai, the fashion street in India.

I really like the long dress to the right of this photo. Time to get the Sims ready for a prom, I think.

Regarding the Incheon Arrivals kit, TV host and content creator Jazzy Cho says that one is influenced by South Korean airplane fashions.

“It arose when the press greeted or welcomed traveling celebrities. It really started to explode with the global rise in popularity of K-pop, the internet and social media,” he explains. she. “Pictures of the hottest South Korean stars arriving or departing would be shared on the internet, and if a style they wore goes viral, then that style becomes the trend of the season.”

Although this is a fairly modern style, the long, flowing shapes and angular pieces come from hanbok, the traditional Korean dress. The kit includes casual and semi-formal pieces, from long coats to sweatpants and hoodies.

The Sims 4 clothing inspired by the airport culture of South Korean celebrities.

This coat ! This one please! Paired with this high neck sweater, baggy jeans and sneakers it’s absolute fall / winter see.

The Sims 4 clothing inspired by the airport culture of South Korean celebrities.

Another long coat offer. I love that this outfit is basically a lighter, more formal version of black. Less, “I fell asleep on the plane” and more, “I took important business calls on my private jet.”

Both kits are available for purchase now for £ 5 / € 5 / $ 5 each on PC, Mac, PlayStation and Xbox. The Incheon Arrivals kit is available on Steam and Origin, and the Fashion Street kit is also available on Steam and Origin.

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