Slay King – Brand Development in Apparel Industry

The clothing industry is booming these days. Despite the age factors and the background to which today’s generation belongs, everyone demands comfort and security. But, there is one brand that has largely met all requirements for versatility and quality and thrived in this competitive era of the fashion industry named – kill the king.

A unique aspect that sets the company apart from many fashion brands in the industry is its super customizable practice to provide its users with the best experiences. Keeping the user’s comfort and preferences at the forefront, the Slay King serves the user’s desires as a priority. The company is growing exponentially to offer trendy street styles and comfort in quality products!

Asked about the company’s success at a media event, the Slay King founder said, “I’ve seen people struggle with quality and trends. Either there’s style or there’s comfort. But I wanted to build something comfortable wrapped in fashion industry trends! And that’s when Slay King was born to serve people what they were looking for.

He further added; Since launch, I’ve heard a lot of people praising the quality – “Thanks to Slay King’s amazing collection that I’ve been showered with.” I was a big fan of comfort but I can’t always wear pajamas, and then I discovered Slay King! And from there, there was no turning back! We have kept customers as the brand priority! Your comfort is our priority. Keeping users as our top priority, we have been in the service of quality and this is the reason for the company’s continued success!

Speaking of clothes, they served diversification, from breakfast dates to sleepwear, from flowers to plain satins, from shirts to full-fledged dresses. For men, women and children, the brand offers personalized luxury for everyone.

Slay King is a sister company of famous music company – GeetMp3. And the company has stylized all the associations of GeetMp3. Some reputed and widely known names who have been the brand ambassadors of the company are Jassmanak Prak, Mahira Sharma, Karan Randhawa, Guri, Avneet Kaur and many more of celebrity fame! Comfort Luxury and urban fashion are the USPs. You won’t be able to go back once you start feeling their variety and quality! I love the products and will surely recommend it to you too.”

With a strong game in the fashion industry, Slay King extends its product lines to everything. From menswear and womenswear to PAN India shipping to quick solutions to all customer queries, the brand is set to experience an incredible boom in the industry.

With a diverse array of product lines ranging from floral print cotton matching sets, simple tees, elegant dresses and trendy casual outfits to stylish loungewear, plain satin outfits, oversized shirts and stylish joggers, Slay King is here to help. choose and design your wardrobe for all seasons – be it summer, spring or winter! Just like their slogan #slaywithslayking, they killed!

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