St Sana is the shoe brand that makes heels from recycled scraps

Gone are the days of compromising on style for durability.

It’s an ethical dilemma that many of us who choose to buy sustainably face. You find the perfect pair of heels for an upcoming event, and they even fit within your budget. But you can’t see any evidence of sustainable processes on the brand’s part, and you know in your heart that they were probably produced in an unethical, unsustainable way – something you’re against.

So, do you buy the shoes – they’re just a pair after all, and they would really complement your outfit – or do you choose to satisfy your internal moral monologue and keep looking for a more responsible pair?

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Fortunately, thanks to the beloved Australian shoe brand Sol Sana, you can throw this dilemma in the (recycling) bin.

Eager to appease its customers’ desire for stylish and sustainable footwear, Sol Sana launched in February this year its environmentally friendly sister brand, Saint-Sana, which uses recycled scraps to create a range of trendy shoe designs.

Releasing its full season of models last month, St Sana is redefining the footwear landscape by breathing new life into the popular line of stylish sandals, mules, heels and boots created by its parent brand.

We understand the individual’s desire to make a conscious effort to be circular, which understands the importance of recyclability while encompassing expression and personality, ”said a spokesperson for St Sana. Inside retail.

Unlike its competitors, which are used to using greenwashing as a marketing tool, St Sana formulates its designs around the pre-existing materials to which it has access, in order to minimize excess material and waste.

The label uses recycled PU leathers and polyesters from scraps and scraps, and where full recyclability is not possible, it takes advantage of eco-friendly PU leather. The brand also makes the choice to use organic cotton and ultra-resistant fibers such as linen, which require significantly less water during cultivation.

“From the start, we were transparent about how and where we buy our materials from in order to be responsible,” said the spokesperson.

And St Sana is proving to be a triple threat in the shoe landscape. Not only is the brand proving that recycled practices have pride of place in the footwear scene, it does so while remaining both stylish and affordable.

Or many sustainable brands retail for high prices Due to time-consuming and labor-intensive processes, St Sana shoes sell for between $ 75 and $ 170, which means buyers can feel good knowing that they are investing in a quality-conscious brand. environment, without breaking the bank.

And it looks like customers are taking a sustainable approach to affordable footwear. During its first quarter of operation, St Sana secured 41 new independent retailers across New Zealand and is also available at retailers like Myer, Revolution, Surf Point and The iconic.

“Sales are well above our projected expectations… we have exceeded our targets for St Sana,” they revealed to Inside retail.

But he says the brand doesn’t plan to stop at its current level of circularity.

“We are working on a recycling program to be launched in 2022 to meet our commitment to operate in a circular economy,” they revealed.

St Sana is the lasting success story that proves the importance of consumer demand. In a rapidly changing landscape where, 10 years ago, terms like “circularity” were rarely heard in a mainstream fashion context, St Sana is leading the way. responsible footwear brands, prove that listening to consumer demand always pays off.

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