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These days, the fashion industry is no longer governed by magazines or newspaper publishers. Fashion blogs are widely distributed and now India is home to some of the biggest pillars in the fashion industry. Fashion blogs are becoming all the rage these days. The trend accelerated after the acceleration of Instagram. Instagram is now the largest hub for Indian Instagram influencers and bloggers in distinct genres like food, travel, fashion and more. Here we present Ms. Isha Borah, a fashion influencer, born in Assam and based in Bangalore. She graduated from Guwahati University in English Literature.

With a keen interest in literature, Isha decided to mold herself into the content realm and started working as a content writer in a corporate job, but we still dream of following paths with our passion just like Isha. Lately, she has changed careers to follow her passion in the fashion industry, as the industry has always been a fascination for her. Since December 2020, she started creating full-time content on

Instagram and very soon, she plans to launch her YouTube channel to further expand her passion.

With nearly 32,000 followers on Instagram, Isha has established herself as a well-known fashion influencer. She creates relevant fashion content on Instagram.

Fashion has the ability to transform and shape lives through its glory. Isha is one of your go-to resources for women’s fashion. His Instagram handle @ishabora offers an unfiltered glimpse into her life with her amazing fashion outfits. Isha’s Instagram journey is full of beautiful sunsets, tea, and azure waters.

Isha has some fun street style looks that offer the audience a glimpse of authentic recommendations and the best style and fashion advice. Recently, Isha has received a lot of appreciation from her subscribers with her reels reaching millions of views. She really serves as a great fashion inspiration.

If you are always looking for inspiration for your outfits, then Isha is your go-to girl. From cool casual outfits to traditional costumes and sarees, she’s creating her niche in the fashion industry and how. Whether it’s a pantsuit or a simple dress or the entire nine yards combined, Isha’s ability to wear them aesthetically is what makes her diet so versatile and interesting.

Having a quick glimpse into Isha’s personal life here we bring that, Isha is happily married and lives with her husband and adorable pet dog Coco. In addition to fashion, Isha explores her hands and feet with a keen interest in travel. She loves to travel and has explored various countries like France, the Netherlands, Prague, Singapore, Sri Lanka, etc. Not so soon, but yes, Isha intends to move to Singapore and make a global impact in fashion.

With numerous brand collaborations with brands like Urbanic, HOPES, Paher, Rust orange, The Loom, Aarke by Ritu Kumar, Joker and Witch, Daniel Klein and others, the fashion blogger intrigues us with her authentic recommendations and her nice style tips.

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