The 4 best online resources to start your minimalist journey

We all have clutter in our lives, be it physical, emotional or digital. Too much can seem overwhelming, but there is a solution. Minimalism can help cut down on unnecessary things and clutter that you accumulate over the course of your life. The idea is that by removing the excess, you can make room for the essentials.

Whether you have too much physical clutter in your home, a closet full of clothes you never wear, or a busy life that feels eerily empty, read on. Here are 4 essential websites to get you started on your minimalist journey.

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When you think of minimalism, many people think that the goal is simply to get rid of as much material possessions as possible. Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus – The Minimalists – argue that it’s not just about removing clutter, it’s about creating space for more in your life.

“Minimalism is a tool that can help you find freedom,” is their definition. For The Minimalists, it’s as much about creating space for time to do the things in your life that you want to do, as it is about creating physical space in your home.

Launched in 2010, the site is a one-stop-shop of free content to help you on your minimalist journey.

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Valuable content on includes:

  • Free trials: Sign up for the mailing list and the Minimalists promise to send you only free trials on Minimalism – no junk mail, spam, or advertising here. You can also access the most popular trials on the website.
  • Free eBook: The 16 Rules for Living on Less ebook is a useful tool to get started with your minimalist lifestyle.
  • The minimalist podcast: A wellness podcast on all aspects of minimalism. It comes ad-free because, like the minimalists say, the ads suck!
  • The 30-day minimalist game: A project for beginners to introduce minimalism into their life with a simple and fun approach.

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Home of Marie Kondo, a famous Netflix storage expert, presents the world of organization and storage using the KonMari method.

Marie Kondo started her first storage consulting firm in Tokyo at the age of 19. Since then she has starred in her own Netflix show “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo”. She also published the New York Times # 1 bestseller, “The Magic of Storage That Changes Your Life.”

Marie is best known for creating the KonMari Method, which is a system of decluttering a house by categories rather than by rooms. Mary is also famous for encouraging participants to seek out what “brings joy”. If an item you own doesn’t reward this reaction, it’s time to thank it and get rid of it.

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There are many useful minimalism tools on the KonMari website, including:

  • The KonMari method: Here you will find a guide and an introduction to the concept of storage.
  • Storage tips: Free practical advice to organize your life and your home.
  • Interviews: Valuable information from other storage experts and consultants.
  • Notes from Marie: Read the free tips and thoughts from the expert herself.
  • The KonMari store: Find and buy products to support your storage routine.

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If you want some extra minimalist support from Marie Kondo, you can enroll in her digital tidying up course: KonMari Method Fundamentals of Tidying. In 10 lessons, you will learn Marie’s clever folding techniques, as well as other skills through her demonstrations.

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Living a zero waste existence goes hand in hand with a minimalist lifestyle. But what exactly does “zero waste” mean?

According to the Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA), zero waste is “the conservation of all resources through responsible production, consumption, reuse and recovery of products, packaging and materials. materials without burning and without releases to land, water, or air that threaten the environment or human health.

Essentially, zero waste aims to prevent waste from going to landfill and to encourage the economy and people to waste less in production and consumption.

zero waste site

You will find many helpful tips and guides on zero waste, including:

  • The Zero Waste blog: Filled with valuable information, tips and summaries of zero waste products.
  • Zero Waste Shop: Find a collection of eco-responsible products in reusable packaging.
  • City resources: Find restaurants, grocery stores and zero waste drop-offs in major cities.
  • Zero waste for businesses and homes: Connect with a “Sustainability Consultant” to help you build a zero waste plan in your professional and personal life.
  • Zero Waste Newsletter: Subscribe for more free zero waste content.

By adopting zero waste principles, you can reduce the things you bring into your life and ultimately support a more minimalistic existence.

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If your bedroom wardrobe is jam-packed even after trying the KonMari Method, it might be time to consider adopting a capsule wardrobe.

The idea behind a capsule wardrobe is to have a limited number of clothes that work well together. The same selection can be worn for different occasions, such as formal or casual events.

The term “capsule wardrobe” was coined in the 1970s, when it was made popular by the owner of the London boutique, Susie Faux, who allegedly found the fashion industry useless. It was then popularized by Donna Karen in the 1980s, who released a designer capsule collection in 1985.

so what is a capsule wardrobe

These days, having a capsule wardrobe is synonymous with minimalism. However, there are many “rules” and approaches to creating a capsule wardrobe, which can make it difficult to get started.

There are many capsule cupboard blogs to browse online, some more accessible than others. Capsule Wardrobe is a simple site full of helpful content to help you jumpstart your capsule wardrobe.

The website encourages a minimalist approach to the capsule closet concept itself. It won’t tell you that you only need 37 coins like many other blogs do. Instead, all of the resources on the website are easy to follow and self-explanatory.

free capsule downloads

Resources on Capsule Wardrobe include:

  • About capsule cabinets: A simple introduction to what a capsule closet is.
  • Free capsule downloads: Find inspiration for your work, seasonal or everyday wardrobe.
  • Blog Capsules: A center of ideas and advice based on images.

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You can also be a digital minimalist

In today’s society, being minimalist also extends to the digital world. It’s easy to pile up too many apps on your device or have multi-purpose apps that are more confusing than useful.

Using these tools to minimize things in your life, whether physical, emotional, or digital, will ultimately help you make room for more essential things.

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