The fiery clash between the Magpies and the Tigers ends in a draw

Brisbane Tigers and Souths Logan Magpies fought at Totally Workwear Stadium for a 16th round victory, but neither team was able to freeze the cake and the game ended in a 26-26 draw.

Brisbane Tigers assistant coach Matt Cameron said it was quite the “top-down game”.

“We were in it… it was a good hit,” Cameron said.

“Souths did pretty well in the second half and we were ready for a set and a try for a try … unfortunately we couldn’t get the result, unfortunately.

“Credit to our boys… that was one of the few games this year where we didn’t cross the line but got the result. To have a draw is a draw, so we’ll take it.

“The Suds are in the top eight. Thanks to the boys. We did our structures really well. We stuck to the plan a little bit, but got away from it. That’s only 80 minutes of performance for us. We probably have it. played well for 50 to 60 minutes. That’s an area we probably need to improve. “

Magpies coach Steve Bretherton said he was delighted his side secured their place in the final, but the games were “a little tough, to be honest, for us.”

“I thought the Tigers were really good. We managed to hang on and show a bit of courage. In the middle of that second half, where the Tigers were 12 points ahead of us, we had to do showing a little bit of character to work our way home, ”Bretherton said.

“Obviously a draw is a draw, but we would have liked to win the game, but that secures our place in the semi-finals now.

“We’ve only done it once in the last 10 years, so it’s a great achievement for the club … it’s obviously my first year of coaching the freshmen … I’ve been here for a long time … it was a weird feeling to be a draw, but securing our place in the semi-finals is a reason to celebrate, so we’ll do it. “

The Tigers will then face Mackay Cutters in the 17th round.

Cameron, if the Tigers did what they did today that would be a good thing.

“Sticking to our processes and structures… if we can do it a little longer, rather than 50 or 60 minutes, for 80 minutes, I think we’ll get a result,” Cameron said.

The Magpies will face the Redcliffe Dolphins.

Bretherton said the Magpies would look to improve their control of the game.

“We’ve lost control of the game in stages, giving the Tigers a little bit of football as they come to an end, with a few repeated sets, restarts and penalties… so we’ll see how we can control the game a little bit. better and add a little polish, ”Bretherton said.

Josh James. Photo: Jorja Brinums / QRL

“We obviously lost Josh James today, our half-back, pretty early on… hopefully he’s not too bad, with a few stitches in his mouth and coming back to the field to work on some combinations. . “

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