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Celebrities like Heidi Klum and Kylie Jenner have positioned themselves as Halloween queens for their awesome and monstrous creations, but around Christmas time no one can beat the best representative, American singer Mariah Carey.

And is that 52 years old, Carey has established himself as a holiday benchmark, and the proof is his beautiful and traditional Christmas carol: “All I want a Christmas in you.”

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It should be mentioned that his Christmas fame dates back to 1994, as it became his fourth studio album, released in the United States on November 1 of the same year by Columbia Records, which contains 10 Christmas songs, both traditional as source.

Since then, the singer’s career has grown to place her as one of the best stars of pop, because according to Nielsen SoundScan, until March 2013, “Merry Christmas” sold only 5 million 298,000 copies. in the United States, where he became Carey’s fourth. best-selling album.

But without a doubt, the song that has shone since was the first on the album, and it’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, to the point of becoming a huge hit for the artist.

And it is that since its creation, it has been placed at the first place of the lists in several countries like Australia, Austria, New Zealand, France, Germany, Canada, Denmark, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States.

While in others like the UK, Italy and Japan, it was placed second as the most listened to Christmas song of all.

And is that over the years, several artists have come out who have made their own versions of the song, such as Dave Rodgers (1996), Shania Twain (1998), My Chemical Romance (2004), Miley Cyrus (2007) , Michael Bublé (2011) and Ariana Grande (2012) and Danna Paola (2020).

For this reason, Mariah Carey has always focused on this party to dedicate herself to shining like the star that she is, and proof of that are her big and beautiful outfits that she always appears with and that you will surely want to wear on Christmas. .

Mariah Carey’s Christmas outfits that you are going to want to wear

It’s no secret that the famous New York singer has always been one of the most beautiful and sensual women in the music business, which is why she has inspired many with her spectacular outfits. of Christmas.

The first of these is the gorgeous red gala dress with which she will welcome Christmas this year 2021, as it was through her Instagram account that she shared the spectacular outfit that showcases her spectacular curves.

The star is now ready to receive Christmas. Photo: IG / mariahcarey

The singer shared video of a dress with a ‘V’ neckline and slit down the back with matching heels as she is seen destroying traditional Halloween pumpkins, while in another shot , she shows a Santa Claus costume.

And it is that the red color not only emphasizes her beauty, but it is also the characteristic color of the time, so a year ago, Luis Miguel’s ex-girlfriend shared another model in red and sequins of the same color.

Like a queen, Mariah
Carey knows very well how to steal Christmas. Photo: IG / mariahcarey

And it was also in 2020 that the star shared a very sexy model for the Christmas season, as seen with a short dress with a flowing skirt with some gold applications.

Without a doubt, the outfit was quite applauded by its thousands of followers as it revealed its physical attributes.

The party also brings out its sexiest scene. Photo: IG / mariahcarey

Recall that last year, the singer launched by the hand of Apple TV, the highly anticipated Magical Christmas Special by Mariah Carey, a musical event that aimed to bring a festive spirit through songs and dances.

Stars like Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson, Snoop Dogg, Billy Eichner, Misty Copeland, Tiffany Haddish, Jermaine Dupri and many more appeared at the event.

And as a queen of the time, Mariah Carey left everyone speechless as she wore a beautiful snowflake-shaped white evening dress fully covered in silver sequins and a mini dress inspired by the “Heist”. Hazelnut “.

Without a doubt, this was one of her most spectacular outfits. Photo: IG / mariahcarey

And is that throughout the event, the American star and singer also wore a Carey also wears a low-cut mini dress with a sequined tartan print appliqué on top, cataloged as one of the favorites.

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